5 Signs That Your Partner Is Too Controlling

Your partner comments on what you wear
“Are you really going to wear that?” is a sentence that is never appreciated. Your partner really shouldn’t decide what you wear. Do you like the garment? Yes, then you should wear it.

Your partner is always asking questions about others
Are you at a party and your partner asks questions like “who’s there? who is he? Did something happen? Are they single?”. This is a sign that your partner is jealous – and if it goes over the line, it also means that your partner is too controlling.

Your partner goes through your phone
Does your partner want to see your texts, your Facebook messages or your snaps? Yes, they’re too controlling. You’re still your own individual with your own privacy.

Do you always have to tell them what you’re doing?
Do you feel the need to always tell people what you’re doing and where you are? Or do you feel the need to say “they have a girlfriend/boyfriend” every time you go out with someone? Then several alarm bells are ringing. Think about why you feel obliged to explain yourself.

Your partner gets angry when you post selfies
Can’t your partner handle you posting nice selfies and getting multiple likes? Dump it, we say.