A relationship works by itself at first, but once the passion subsides, it requires a sustained, conscious effort from both partners to bear beautiful fruit. Today I suggest a few small gestures of affection that can show your partner affection and strengthen your relationship in the long run.

Lend a helping hand even if you are not asked to
Everyone needs help. Some don’t realize it, others don’t say it out loud, and a third category doesn’t value help unless it comes of their own accord. No matter which of these three situations your partner is in, a helping hand will certainly be appreciated!

Offer comfort and empathy.
A hard day at the office, a personal problem in the family, or simply a bad day can be softened in the arms of a partner willing to listen without judgment. Sometimes a kind word or a patient ear is worth more than anything else.

Let people know when you’re in a bad mood and a fight
With this warning (careful, don’t make it sound like a threat!), you might avoid a row when the other knows your lousy mood has nothing to do with it.

Appreciate when you have what!
Everyone responds well to words of praise. In addition, you’re more likely to see a repeat of praiseworthy behaviour when you speak up, even if you’re visibly pleased by the gesture.

Give little surprises to your loved one!
Maybe it’s a book they’ve been meaning to read, a weekend trip, or you doing the dishes tonight. Any small, spontaneous gesture from the heart will likely bring happiness and gratitude to your loved one.