How do you know your crush likes you?

People have found ways to inhabit Mars, but there are no instructions for love. And this is a very confusing area, especially when it comes to a budding crush. What are the signs that you are attracted to someone who has also caught your eye?

You are constantly being gossiped about. No matter what you do, your crush always finds an excuse to come up and have another word.

Conversation topics can range from indoor or outdoor temperatures to a new book or film. If you can’t think of a way to speak, you may be asked to lend a pen or something else that catches the eye of a distracted lover.

Physical proximity may occur. If you have fallen significantly on someone’s face, they will find it hard to resist touching you. This could be an invisible hair or hair from a garment, a friendly pat on the shoulder, a touch as you pass, etc.

Eye contact is unavoidable. A person in love always tries to catch the gaze of the object of his or her affection, as if hoping to find in it the answer to whether you feel the same. When the eyes meet, it will be difficult to look away, because your crush will just stare at them.

Suddenly you feel like a master of humour. Even if you tell the lamest jokes or make the most inappropriate jokes, the person you like will want to cheer you up and will laugh at any joke. If he or she is not comfortable with artificial laughter, at least a broad smile and an approving chuckle will do the trick.

Compliments, compliments, compliments… Could anything be nicer? If someone likes you, you’ll be showered with compliments on your appearance, your behaviour, your belongings. Always say thank you and let them know that you like them too by complimenting them.

Always get a response to a message, letter, etc. Whatever the person is doing, always answer if you call. Immediately responds to a message or email. If they don’t answer the phone by accident, they always start by apologising and explaining why they didn’t answer right away.

They try to accommodate your schedule. Lunchtime or the end of work starts to overlap. Even if you don’t have lunch together, and the routes home are also in different directions, he will try to walk at least a short stretch together. If you mention going to the library or a concert, don’t be surprised if you see him there too.

Small gifts. If someone is sympathetic to you, they will want to show their affection with gifts. It doesn’t have to be an expensive item wrapped in shiny paper. You might find a flower or a chocolate bar on your desk, a new issue of a magazine or a coffee mug.

Moments of openness. When he finds opportunities to talk to you at length, he will share details of his personal life, because on some level, you are already part of his life too.