Secrets Of Oriental Beauty: 5 Beauty Rituals Of Middle Eastern Women!

Ballads are sung about the beauty of oriental women to this day. Rich hair, velvety skin and magnetic eyes – all this is the result of considerable effort. Oriental women have always known how to take care of their bodies. It’s a pity that we so rarely have the opportunity to admire them to the full. Here are just a few of the beauty rituals they use every day.

Hamam and kessa glove
Hamam is a Turkish dry steam bath. Of course the custom has spread throughout the Middle East. Women usually spend several hours in the hamam. Ideally, pampering involves a hot steam bath, warming up on a marble slab, massaging with soap and a cup of green tea. After such a cruise the skin becomes as soft and velvety as in babies.

When they don’t have time for the spa, they use the kessa glove to cleanse their complexion and skin. The glove is made from twisted cotton yarns, which makes it stiff but gentle enough not to irritate the skin. After a 10-15 minute shower, necessary for moisturising, women massage their skin using this unusual accessory.

Henna for curls, eyelashes and eyebrows
Henna is a powder made from the dried and crushed leaves of thorny shrubs. For more than centuries, Middle Eastern women have used it to care for their hair, eyelashes and eyebrows, which are their main adornment. Henna strengthens the hair, giving it a shiny and healthy appearance

In fact, henna is a powerful pigment that is used to dye hair and to draw mehendi (Arabic tattoos). Depending on the type of shrub, different shades can be obtained. For example, Indian shrubs are reddish-amber, Moroccan shrubs – chocolate, and Iranian shrubs – bright red. And if you don’t want to dye your hair, today they sell colourless henna just for hair care.

Rose petal oil
Water mixed with rose essential oils has been used by oriental beauties since ancient times. Rose water cleanses the complexion, tones the skin and soothes irritations, thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. What’s more, some women use it to strengthen hair.

This product heals inflammations, redness, acne and mild wounds. No wonder cosmetics manufacturers have adapted the tradition to contemporary reality and sell invigorating products based on rose petal oil.

Argan oil for hair and body
Argan oil is very popular in Arab countries, both in pure form and in the composition of various lotions, as it has unique dermatological properties.

Regular use of argan oil will make your skin smooth and supple, and with it, the effectiveness of any massage will triple. Argan oil is also considered an ideal remedy for thin and sparse hair as well as split ends.

Essential oils for all occasions
Oriental women love body oils and use them whenever they get the chance. Even in perfume form. High quality natural oils, unlike synthetic perfumes, improve a woman’s mood and well-being.

Neroli and sandalwood oil is used as an aphrodisiac, fennel oil cleanses the mind and body, and jasmine restores a woman’s emotional balance.