Apply Perfume Correctly: 8 Simple Tricks To Always Smell Nice!

Women have a close relationship with perfume. Every perfume has something to say. Every note in it is ideal for a particular woman. And every woman expresses herself through a particular fragrance. But how do you find the right one? And once you’ve found it. How do you apply it correctly? To these questions, we will try to answer below.

Strong and persistent fragrances
Every fragrance has its own individual charm. Some are delicate and volatile, while others are lingering and as expressive as they come. Some wear off in a few hours, while others can last you all day. As a rule, citrus flavours fade quickly and woody ones last longer. So to keep the aroma pleasant and enticing throughout the day, it pays to choose the latter.

How often to wear perfume?
However, even the most expensive perfume can’t keep its properties for a day. After 5-6 hours, it starts to lose its intensity and needs to be refreshed. This is where you need to be particularly careful, as a strong, pronounced scent can spoil the impression of even the finest perfume. Usually 1-2 spritzes are more than enough.

Keeping perfumes
There are a few factors that affect the longevity of a perfume: heat, humidity and vibrations. To maintain its properties as long as possible, perfume should be kept in a cool, dry place. And don’t shake it for no reason.

Applying perfume correctly
There are four key recommendations:

The best time to put on perfume is immediately after showering. Because the skin is moisturized, the scent soaks in better than usual.

If you’re going to apply perfume to your clothes, don’t use strong-scented conditioners and cleansers, as you’ll only lose out in this scent clash.

If you want to apply perfume to your skin but don’t have time to shower, moisturise the appropriate areas with a cream.

In the rush to make perfume as persistent as possible, many women start rubbing the area where they’ve applied perfume, but such a technique only distorts its aroma. Perfume should be absorbed naturally into the skin, so let it dry.

Where do we apply the perfume?
As a rule, perfume is applied to the neck and wrist. But many women don’t know that there are a few more beneficial areas: chest, abdomen, skin behind the knees and behind the ears. These areas are not obvious at all, but they have one thing in common – they retain heat well. And body heat helps to diffuse odour evenly.

Pleasant smelling essential oils
By the way, it’s not just fragrances that make you smell nice. Contemporary skincare products have come a long way, so that even a good shower gel, various lotions, balms, deodorants and body oils can give a delicate, subtle and long-lasting scent. So don’t hesitate to use them.