8 simple ways to look younger

Of course, it’s all about our inner well-being, because that’s what makes us glow, or, more accurately, make us look ten years older.

But looks don’t come last either. And if we can beautify and rejuvenate ourselves at the same time, why not use these simple tips? According to Erlene Rosowsky, assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, it will help you feel more confident and improve your psychological health.

“People with good posture look younger, more confident and happier than those who slouch, slump their shoulders, etc.,” experts says. And we’ll feel better, too, because good posture overcomes muscle, joint and headaches and neck strain.

You can do yoga or Pilates, as these exercises strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis and lower back. You can also do regular stretching exercises and see great results.

Make love more often
Couples who make love three times a week when they are 40 or older look 12 years younger than those who make love less often, according to a 10-year Scottish study.

The researchers found that the s**iest couples had less wrinkling, fairer skin and tighter skin. In addition, physical contact releases the hormone oxytocin, which relieves stress and at the same time stops the passage of time affecting our appearance. physical contact also leads to better quality sleep, so we wake up in the morning more rested and happier.

Lighten your eyebrows
Very dark and thick eyebrows are ageing, as are very thin ones. So go for natural – a colour and brow width that’s close to you. Fine brows frame the face and add charm, but don’t overdo it with permanent make-up and black colour and a thick layer of powder.

Hair play
A few lightened strands can work wonders. It will give your hair more shine, look healthier, fluffier and have more volume. And it’s especially suitable for older women whose skin is starting to sag and plump up.

Grow your hair or cut it off
If your hair is thick and lush, you’ll look much more youthful by letting it grow to your shoulders and beyond; but if it’s thin and thinning, you’re better off with a short hair style.

Buy a new bra
Breasts lose their firmness and sag with age, so it is essential to choose the right bra to help maintain the shape of the breasts and to support them. In any case, lingerie helps a woman feel more confident, and if it also gives her a shapely body, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Get a manicure
Wearing jewellery and getting a manicure can distract from the signs of time, such as wrinkles and blemishes, that appear on the hands. That’s according to the authors of a study that interviewed people by showing them pictures of women’s hands. 49% of those surveyed said that hands with nail polish and manicures look younger; 52% said the same about decorated hands, i.e. wearing rings, etc.

Whiter smile
“Our smiles get darker with age,” says Lauren Solomon, author of Image Matters! First Steps on the Journey to Your Best Self. White teeth give people the impression that we are younger and healthier at the same time, she says. It’s true that you don’t have to rush to the dentist to get your teeth whitened, but it’s worth rushing to the dentist just to check your teeth are healthy. Natural whitening methods and regular oral hygiene will always come in handy.