How to tell if he’s thinking about you from a distance

Even after a breakup, people don’t always become indifferent to each other. And then sometimes we ask ourselves whether or not he has forgotten us, are we still in his thoughts or is he no longer thinking of us at all. The advice of psychologists, as well as esoteric signs “from above” will help you find the answer to this question.

You can easily find this out if you listen to your own intuition.

Here are some other signs indicating that he hasn’t forgotten you yet:

A sudden smile, as if by magic, when you think of him
This is proof that at that moment the man is thinking of you too. Communication takes place on an energetic level and words are not necessary here. In such moments, a man feels an incredible burst of energy and wants to share his happiness with the whole world.

A change in the emotional background
If someone with whom you still have an emotional connection is thinking of you, this can provoke repeated changes in your mood, which can vary over a wide range – from a positive state in which you seem ready to fly, to sudden sadness. Such shifts are related to personal experiences and expectations of what may not come true here and now.

The kinship of souls – two people who have shared happy and sad moments together for a long time, cannot forget everything overnight and write each other out of their lives. They mentally, on a subconscious level, try to understand how the other person lives and what is happening in his life. Sometimes the bond is so strong that you may even feel and absorb their pains.

A dream involving your loved one
If during sleep you talk to him and even feel his breath, smell and touch, in fact, it means that he is also thinking about you on a subconscious level.

Of course, only provided that the day before you did not look at the photos and did not think about this man tirelessly. In short, if the dream was spontaneous. Only in this case it is possible to say for sure that he is thinking about you.

How can you tell if he is thinking about you from his behavior?
It is enough to carefully observe his behavior.

If he constantly seeks to be closer, as if unexpectedly appears in the same place as you and this happens often, then be sure that he is thinking of you constantly. The smile that does not come off his face, the desire to stay closer – all this indicates sympathy for her, and maybe even love.

What does body language say?
The energy field of lovers, or people who have been in close contact for a long time, is so strongly connected that even after the cessation of communication they subconsciously feel each other. Such a connection can manifest in a number of ways:

If your right cheek is burning – the man thinks of you in a negative way, but this does not mean that his feelings have cooled. On the contrary, he still can not calm down, but reacts badly, overcome by resentment and powerlessness to change anything.

Itching in the right breast – soon you will see this man.
Itching in the left breast – the man still wants to renew the relationship, can not erase you from his thoughts and wants to meet you, but does not know how to make the first step.

In this case, if you also insist on the person, do not be afraid to take the initiative and act decisively for the sake of love or friendship: call, write or meet to talk face to face.

Esoteric signs that he hasn’t forgotten you and is thinking of you from a distance
A sudden hiccup is a manifestation of his interest.

If your lips are burning – he obviously wants to touch them, feel the taste, mentally reliving the situation.

The flushed skin that suddenly covers the body is evidence that he is thinking about you and dreaming of being next to you.

Red ears, fever – a strong desire for the object of adoration.

An occasional whiff of the smell of his perfume where you can’t be – he’s tirelessly thinking about you, remembering your spiritual conversations.

With these and other signs, guardian angels make it clear that someone is constantly thinking about you and wants to see you.

How to make a man think about you?
There are psychological techniques that make you think about the object of adoration from a distance:

Direct your thoughts towards him
To do this, you should lie down at about the same time as him, try to relax completely so that no muscle is tense. Think of the man, focus on his image as closely as possible, recalling all the details, moles and scars. Then transfer your thoughts into his mind.

The power of mental suggestion
This method combines telepathy, magic and psychology. But for the method to work for sure, you need to be with someone you like, in the same room. Focus and suggest to him: ‘think of me’, ‘I want to be near here and now’. During the suggestion, it is important to imagine that a blue ray is coming from your forehead and connecting to his energy channel.