Nervous About Your First Date? 5 Tips That Actually Help!

First date – keep yourself busy beforehand
Being nervous about a first date is nothing strange, but it would be nice to not have to walk around worrying unnecessarily, wouldn’t it? One tip is to do something else before you go on a date. That way you don’t have time to think and over-analyse how it will go.

First date – pick a good spot
Choose a public place and preferably one you’ve been to before if you need to control yourself. This will make you feel safe and comfortable. Meeting up at a bar for a drink is a tip. Then you can easily round off the coffee within an hour or be open for a low-key, lovely time if your date turns out to be a real stickler!

But a coffee or drink can also feel cramped if the conversation doesn’t flow. Feel uncomfortable sitting still across from your date? Plan an activity or go for a walk. That way, you won’t be staring into each other’s eyes for the whole conversation and can talk about what you’re doing right now if things get quiet.

First date – prepare questions
Are you nervous and afraid of awkward silence? Relax. Check out your date’s profile or the last thing you talked about to get ideas for conversation topics. For example, does the person have a picture of them on holiday? Ask if they like to travel, what’s their dream destination to go to? Stack up with a series of questions in your head before you meet. The person will love that you ask lots of questions and give them attention!

First date – dress comfortably
It might be worth spending a little extra time looking through your wardrobe to choose an outfit that feels just right. Have you bought a new skirt that you love and thought “I just have to wear this!”. Go – IF it feels comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable in your clothes or realize that that neckline sweater was way too neckline-y, you’ll just focus on that instead of spending time on your date.

Also, choose clothes based on what kind of date you’re going on. Are you going out for a walk? Well, then maybe it’s not the heels you should be wearing. Dress more casually and in a style you think looks good. Yeah, you got it!

First date – ending the date the right way
Usually you get a feeling if you’re going to meet again. Do you feel interested? Tell them you had a good time. Do you dare to say right then and there that you’d like to meet again? Do it!

Do you want to end it and not see your date again? Say it in a good way. If you don’t want to say it face to face, send them a message if they contact you again. Slowly “dragging it out” and cancelling booked dates is just tiresome. Honesty lasts the longest and it’s almost better to rip the band-aid off quickly than slowly, don’t you agree?