man in love would never do these 5 things

Does not make you feel alone in the relationship
A relationship is a partnership, a kind of alliance. A team. It should be there to make your life happier, more fulfilling, not to complicate it. If you’re dealing with a complacent partner who makes no effort for your love, it’s time to rethink things.

Keep in mind that sometimes it’s perfectly normal for a person to go through a depressive or less motivated period. Especially if you’ve lived together for a long time, you don’t have to throw him out at the first negative sign, because his behaviour may not be directed at you. On the other hand, if he acts non-stop like he doesn’t care and is apathetic, you don’t need that. You deserve someone who generally wants to be the best they can be for you, for you.

He would never cheat on you
These days, there is a growing debate that monogamy is not “natural” for us and that humans are not biologically “designed” to live their lives with a single person.

Regardless of the scientific validity of this statement, one thing is true: monogamy is the result of a personal choice made by two people. There is literally no physical “bond” between the two people; only a choice. The person who is right for you will never cheat on you, because that would mean breaking his word or promise to a person he loves.

He will not disrespect you
Easy, simple, basic – yet often neglected fact. A good person treats those around them with respect. Regardless of intelligence level or position of power, he will not look down on or condescend to anyone, certainly not you.

Does not run away from important conversations
Whether it’s a family or relationship issue, the right person for you understands that no problem can be solved without facing it head on. The only thing you can achieve by avoiding difficulties is to delay the inevitable and make things worse. However, there is a difference between “choosing to fight” and avoiding conflict.

The right person would NEVER hurt you
Abuse takes many forms, not just physical and not just relational. Someone who is emotionally abusive to a child or a pet can be emotionally abusive to a loved one. They are all connected by a common thread: the desire to break someone down. A good person recognises that their self-confidence and worth comes from themselves and never tries to put others down. Whatever type of abuse you experience or see, it is worth distancing yourself from the person.