8 Tricks To Make Thin Hair Look Thick

Has your hair lost volume, thinned out or thinned for some reason? Or maybe it’s naturally thinner. Whatever the reason, there is a way to make it look more voluminous and most of all, thicker. With the right approaches to your hairstyle, you can make your hair visually and optically more vibrant, thicker and with more volume.

Here are 8 clever tricks to make thin hair look thick.

Reduce the length.
One of the easiest and most foolproof ways to help your hair look thicker is to cut it. If you have longer hair, length always takes away from thickness. Hair looks thin, flattened, not very vibrant. Trimming and reducing length automatically affects volume and the feeling of density.

Change the path.
The middle path is the worst option for thin hair. If you want to add extra volume and make hair look thicker, always sweep to the side. The path doesn’t have to be fixed. You can sweep to either side with your hand. This gives your hair even more vitality.

Blow-dry voluminously.
Blow-drying hair with a diffuser adds extra volume that creates a feeling of thickness. Use it when blow-drying your hair to lift your confidence.

Use shampoo and conditioner for volume.
A good strategy for increasing volume, and with it the feeling of thickness, is a combination of volume-enhancing hair care products. Use a combination of shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask for volume and thickening that will help nourish and add more vitality to the hair shaft.

Dry shampoo.
Dry shampoos are a way to dilute washes but also add volume. Choose a dry shampoo with a volumizing and thickening formula. Apply to the roots, then blow out the excess with a blow dryer.

Two ponytails instead of one.
If you have thin hair but love wearing a ponytail, add more volume to the ponytail by doubling it. Instead of tying your hair into one ponytail, divide the strands into an upper and lower layer, tie them separately, and then combine them into one large, more voluminous ponytail.

Comb the hair back.
One more trick for extra volume and a sense of thickness is combing your hair back. In addition, you can use hair spray, hairspray, or blow dry again with a diffuser to fix the hair back.

Use a compacting cream.
In addition to washing and nourishing products in hair care, you can also add a suitable cream whose formula is designed to add volume and density. Hair cream can in most cases be applied to wet or dry hair without washing out for more effect.

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