9 sure signs that you have found true love

Love is always wonderful, but true love is unlike anything else in the world. It revitalizes the mind and body, it gives us security, an incentive to move forward and be the best version of ourselves. True love doesn’t hurt, it only brings happiness. Psychologists identify 9 signs that you’ve met her.

True love doesn’t make you feel awkward and look ridiculous in front of each other
With shaggy hair after sleeping, bags under your eyes and a ‘print’ on your cheek from the pillow… But it doesn’t even cross your mind to fear that you don’t fit the ideal image. Because there is no ideal image – you are just a living person who cannot look perfect around the clock.

A period of some shyness at the beginning of a relationship is an absolutely normal thing.

In the beginning, many of us want to look better than we really are. But over time, we realize that our partner hasn’t fallen in love with the carefully crafted image without flaws, but with a living person – with all his or her imperfections. And that is the surest sign that falling in love has grown into a real feeling.

You enjoy making your loved one happy
To cook his favourite food, to leave him in peace and quiet, and when he is ill to take care of him… All these are much more reliable proofs of love than a bouquet of 50 roses, for example.

True love is when you strive to do nice things for your loved one on your own initiative. And then you also feel happy together with him.

You can discuss your future together without fear
Where to go on holiday next year, what pet to get – a cat or a guinea pig, how to name your child, even if it is not yet in your immediate plans… Joint dreams are proof that your partner has become an integral part of your life.

It’s a good way to make sure you’re in a relationship with someone who suits you.

You are honest with each other, even when you argue or fight
When something doesn’t suit you, you find the courage to talk about it and together with your loved one you look for solutions to the problem. It can be painful and unpleasant, but that’s normal – it’s better to deal with mutual dissatisfactions as quickly as possible.

Because, over time, they accumulate, and then when you quarrel over some trifle, everything is remembered and embitter life for a long time. Flowers that someone forgot to give, broken promises, dirty dishes in the sink – word after word, a fist on the table and as a result – the collapse of the relationship.

You are not afraid of the other person’s success, you are happy for him
“He’ll get a new job and have a relationship with someone younger”, “She’ll join a gym and find a muscular guy there” – this doesn’t prove love, only fear of hurt pride.

You shouldn’t look at a partner as some kind of “crutch” for self-esteem, which is only necessary to be confident in your own irresistibility. He is a man with his own desires and aspirations. He will change – it’s inevitable. The best you can do is support him. Because you will change too. And he will also support you.

You know how to compromise
Compromise is evidence of a mature mind and the ability to listen to the opinions of others. It’s not important to always stick to your principles and defend your point of view to the last. Principles change. Priorities rearrange themselves. Everything is transient, but true love is not. You will be with this person for good and evil. And his well-being should be more important to you than any principles.

Together you are better than apart
Of course, each of you has his own free time, friends and hobbies, from which no one will deprive you. And yet, sometimes you refuse to see friends just to be with the person you love.

An important point is that you do this on your own initiative, no one forces you.

You acknowledge your partner’s right to make mistakes
And he gives you the same right. Because you are both living people who are not required to conform to any ideals. Mistakes are inevitable, the question is how to deal with them.

In any quarrel, to blame the mistakes made by your loved one in the past is a very bad idea. Most mistakes can be forgiven. If not, it’s time to end the relationship.

You respect your partner and he respects you
Respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship. You know how to respect your partner’s feelings and thoughts and don’t pursue the goal of letting them have the last word in every situation. Love is not a story about who is right and who is wrong.

It can happen that in a good moment you decide that it doesn’t make sense to continue to stay together. Respect your loved one’s decisions and don’t force a relationship that has run its course.

Because if that happens, then it’s not true love!