This is the world of a shy girl in love, a guide to decipher her feelings.

  • A shy woman doesn’t know exactly when to speak up.

One of the things that a shy girl in love does is to constantly put her foot in her mouth in a conversation. It also happens with friends, family or in a work meeting. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has something to say, and so does she.

But a shy woman does not know when to intervene, she feels incapable, inadequate. What would be a good moment? She speaks, and… it was not the right moment…

  • A shy girl does not know how to disguise her nerves.

When she wants to participate in a conversation, her voice trembles. Her hands sweat and even her legs are shaky. When she is in love she cannot even look at the boy she likes.

When she speaks in public or is near the boy she likes, she can’t help but feel embarrassed.

  • For a shy girl, looking into the eyes is a challenge.

One of the characteristics of a shy girl when she falls in love is her difficulty to look straight ahead. She cannot look into the eyes of the boy she likes. She can look into the eyes of her family and friends, but when it comes to a stranger everything gets complicated.

  • A shy woman hates to be the center of attention.

For example, she does not like it when her birthday arrives. She always tries to hide her birthday. She feels very embarrassed when she is offered a gift. She may refuse to go out if the boy she likes visits her.

She does not like selfies, she does not like at all situations where she can be the center of attention.

  • A shy girl often feels ashamed of others

When they see others doing things they consider inappropriate, they feel ashamed. How can they be doing that? Don’t they realize how ridiculous they are?

They have a very different sense of ridicule than the average person. For example, being themselves showing their weaknesses is inconceivable to them.

  • They can’t stand to be told how shy they are.

A shy girl does not like to be shy at all and even less when she is in love. The world of a shy girl in love is very complicated. They feel very nervous when they are close to the guy they like. They don’t want to feel that way, let alone be reminded of it.

They have a hard time saying just one word. They know how hard it is to be shy, so they don’t like to be reminded. No one is thinking about their weaknesses all the time.

  • A shy girl in love is afraid of making a fool of herself.

Everyone, at some point we can make a fool of ourselves, but a shy girl is very panic-stricken. What does a shy woman in love do when faced with ridicule? She freezes, hides in her cocoon and sometimes when she dares, everything turns out worse.

For them, laughing at themselves is not something they can consider among their plans.

  • Blushing is part of the world of shy girls.

The red color on the cheeks of a shy woman is part of her beauty, but they don’t like it. Their friends have no choice but to believe that they are not always blushing.

You get flushed by everything that has to do with them. If they are complimented, if they talk about them, if someone shows them appreciation or love, if they are looked at, etc.

  • Shy women love to go unnoticed.

They do not like to be the center of attention, they feel uncomfortable. The best thing for them is to go unnoticed, that no one notices them. But they secretly desire recognition, but it has to be very subtle.

At parties, when strangers are present and everywhere they prefer the dark side.

  • A shy girl in love her body language gives her away.

She covers her mouth, constantly fixes her hair, etc., without even realizing it. All this happens especially when talking to someone with whom they have little confidence.

Because of these little habits, a person who knows how to interpret body language can tell that you are a shy girl.

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