These 7 Foods Against Hair Loss Provide Fast Hair Growth

Have you had your fill of avocados yet, or do you still love them? Either way, here’s another reason why avocados should definitely be part of your diet: They stimulate hair growth. Rich in antioxidants, they make your hair more resistant and protect it from external influences. Fatty acids, proteins and vitamin E provide skin and hair with proper moisture. Avocados contain about 15% of the daily vitamin E requirement of an adult – which makes them a real beauty bomb for healthy hair.

To prevent hair loss, you should reach for the banana more often. The yellow fruit contains the most important mineral for the cells: potassium. Potassium deficiency can lead to an imbalance of the acid-base balance, which causes hair loss. By ingesting the alkaline potassium, the hyperacidity can be balanced. Since salt removes large amounts of potassium from the body, be careful not to consume too much salt.

Kernels, nuts and seeds
You will get a full head of hair if you include almonds and walnuts in your diet. They contain valuable vitamins, fiber and minerals. First and foremost zinc and biotin. Zinc activates the energy metabolism and ensures that the skin and hair root cells are supplied with nutrients. This keeps skin and hair healthy and allows them to grow quickly.

Biotin, also known as vitamin H or B7, strengthens hair from the inside out by ensuring that sulfur-containing amino acids are stored in the hair roots. The amino acid L-methionine strengthens the collagenous structure of the hair, while the amino acids cysteine and cystine are needed to form keratin. The protein keratin supports cell formation and thus promotes hair growth. To avoid biotin deficiency and hair loss, you can make yourself a delicious nut mix of walnuts and peanuts.

Not only super tasty, but also extremely rich in vitamins: sunflower seeds taste especially good in a fresh salad. Thanks to vitamin E, hair is strengthened and split ends are a thing of the past. If your hair ends are healthy, individual hairs will break off less frequently and your Rapunzel mane can grow on “faster”.

Flaxseed also strengthens the hair in the long term thanks to the iron it contains.

Another food you can use to prevent hair loss is oatmeal. They also contain valuable zinc, which ensures that the cells are supplied with nutrients. In addition, zinc helps in the formation of collagen, which is an important component of connective tissue and literally holds everything together. Thus, collagen also ensures that the skin remains firm and hair does not fall out. Whether it’s porridge, muesli or delicious cookies, oatmeal is a super healthy food for beautiful hair.

Eggs also contain biotin, which is so valuable for hair, as well as other B vitamins. But also iron, zinc and several amino acids make eggs real nutrient bombs that supply the body with proteins and stimulate the formation of keratin.

Oily fish, especially salmon and halibut, are particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The fatty acids help against dry scalp and thus ensure shiny, beautiful hair. The skin is supplied with moisture, which promotes elasticity, which in turn ensures that the hair root remains deeply anchored in the skin. In addition, Omega-3 strengthens the hair structure, which prevents hair breakage. Thus, the intake of omega-3 fatty acids sustainably supports hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Fish contains plenty of omega-3 by consuming algae. Therefore, in order to absorb the fatty acids yourself, you do not necessarily have to eat fish, but can take them directly from the source in a natural way. You can do this, for example, via the microalgae spirulina and chlorella, which are available in powder form. You can take the superfood spirulina in a delicious and refreshing smoothie in the morning – it strengthens you and your hair!