5 ways to reconcile after an argument


1/ Let yourself be blown away

Go to a room, or any other place where you can quietly sit alone, think, and calm down. After a short period of reflection, arguments seem to us much more often futile, less hurtful and less serious! Sometimes, we don’t even remember the origin of the argument! Let things calm down a bit before talking about it again, otherwise you may find yourself having to start a second argument, which is not going to solve your case!

2/ Talk about it, apologize

Once the argument is over, after you have each calmed down, come back and talk quietly. Take stock of your argument, don’t try to win the argument at all costs, there is never a winner or a loser, but rather a couple that needs to learn to move forward. You are on the same team after all! And above all, accept to apologize and forgive the other, you both have your share of responsibility.

3/ Hug each other

Once the fight is over, it’s always great to show that you’ve moved on and forgiven your darling by showing affection. A little hug, a small gesture like grabbing his or her hand, sitting next to him or her, kissing him or her tenderly… Human contact can be a real balm for the heart, body and mind.

4/ Remind him/her that you love him/her

An argument can leave us all vulnerable, damage our self-confidence… So remind your darling why you love her/him, and how much stronger that love is than your little differences! Make all your naughty doubts disappear by reminding each other of your affection, your devotion to each other, and the reasons that led you to fall madly in love with each other. 

5/ Do an activity together

If you can do it: snuggle up and watch TV, or go for a walk hand in hand, or play your favourite sport (whatever…;)). Show each other that you’re still best friends, and that life goes on anyway. Fighting is an integral part of your life as a couple!

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