10 Signs That Love Is Gone: How to Know Your Relationship Has Reached a Dead End

Nothing lasts forever and love is no exception. In every family and in every relationship there comes a time when the situation changes, becomes tense and then doubts arise whether the partners are sincerely connected or just a habit. How to recognize this fine line?

Your lover now seems less attractive
We are talking about the external data of the partner you used to adore and which were incomparable to anything like it. Every flaw in his body you liked. Now comparison with other men no longer plays in his favor. You blame the change in your tastes over the years, but he has simply ceased to be attractive to you.

You delude yourself that you have an ideal relationship
If you catch yourself deluding yourself that you have an ideal relationship, such behavior only confirms that love has replaced habit. Thoughts like “I’m not young anymore and I’m not going to find anyone” and others of the sort should serve as a wake-up call that your relationship is no longer giving you any positive emotions and has simply reached a dead end.

Communication no longer brings pleasure
Before you couldn’t talk all day and night and it was interesting, now your dialogue is limited to discussing utility bills and arguing about who is going to pick up the kids from daycare/school. The situation is even worse if you’ve even forgotten how to “be silent together” – the mere presence of your partner near you seems somewhat pointless if you’re not having a conversation. The invisible thread between you is broken…

Previous trust in each other is gone
It’s just gone. The phone is now password protected, the pin code on the card has been changed. You don’t share with your partner not only positive moments, but even your problems – and that’s even worse. You don’t even rush to tell your loved one about your health, lest you hear another rebuke like “I told you…” or something similar. No trust – no sincere feelings.

You have become very irritable
Literally everything about your partner is annoying – how they talk, eat, sleep, dress, etc. Even his laughter, which once seemed so funny and unique, now infuriates you. You are a ball of nerves in his presence.

You have stopped devoting your life to him
The very thought of a holiday together terrifies you. You want to do everything yourself – from cleaning and shopping, to making serious decisions about moving and other situations the family needs to discuss together.

Your loved one is no longer “number one” on your list of priorities
You’ve already forgotten how you rushed home after work to clean everything as soon as possible and cook your spouse’s favorite dinner. Once upon a time, his interests were put above all because your heart told you so. And now your brain is telling you that there’s no need to rush home.

You don’t talk about the future together
You are so insecure in your relationship on a subconscious level that you try to avoid any thoughts and talk about the future. No planning for children no property or car purchases, no joint holidays next summer etc.

You become a frequent initiator of discord
Because you take his every remark with hostility, find fault in his words, take offense with or without reason… And even though you regret having done so over time, you still do it again at the first opportunity.

You don’t try to correct the situation
You feel absolutely neither the desire nor the power to change everything for the better. Somewhere deep inside you even want everything to reach the maximum boiling point and you both have gone your separate ways. Forever…

All the above points are a sign that love is gone. And it is only in your hands to change anything.

The family should live in peace and love. Otherwise, it is better to separate and free each other from routine shackles.