Activities that will ruin your relationship without you realising it

Divorces don’t happen overnight. Just like no relationship falls apart over one argument. Systematic steps forward lead to separate bedrooms and then lives, and in many cases, you may not even realize that you’ve already set out to ruin the love. Because in the beginning, everything looks innocent.

You are too much of a “man”
Equality between the sexes is one thing, but relationship coaches points out that we’re simply a biologically different species. Equal, but created for different activities and with different tendencies. That’s why she’s noticed that many relationships end if the woman starts wearing the pants in the relationship and the man has to grapple with the woman’s energy. Such a position is too demanding for him and often leads to arguments, irritation, infidelity and even relationship breakdown. Because a man needs a woman by his side who is also a woman.

Resignation to attractiveness
A very common problem that does not only affect women. The first date, the first meeting, even the first weeks of living together mean that you walked practically even at home in the best. Over time, this often changes. The partner starts to walk around in just a pair of shorts, and even the wife doesn’t want to worry about being attractive at home for her better half. But relationship coaches says such an attitude is not just about physical attractiveness. You’re giving off a subconscious signal that you no longer care about your partner’s looks. He senses it, and that’s definitely not a good sign.

You are creating competition
Sure, in play or in casual partner matchmaking, it can also be a bit about showing off who knows things better. But be careful if this is too common and if you tend to compete with your partner in practically everything. From washing dishes to chopping vegetables, are family activities like competitions for you? Such a tense environment very soon stops a person enjoying themselves, and rivalry simply does not belong with love.