The Reason He Regrets Leaving You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

When he leaves you, what he will miss most about your relationship is your adventurous side. He doesn’t know it yet, but this guy will think all the other girls are boring.

No other woman will be able to challenge him like you did and, before you know it, he’ll regret leaving you.

Today’s modern dating is all about playing a game and sending mixed signals. But, with you, everything was different. Your ex always knew where he had you and that’s something he has trouble finding in anyone else.

If you’re a Gemini, your boyfriend will have regretted leaving you as soon as he realizes he’ll never find anyone as intelligent and funny as you.

You could find a solution to all his problems and it was always fun and games in your company.

The reason why your ex will regret leaving you the second he realizes what he has done, is your big heart. No one will ever give him what you did and no woman will ever sacrifice everything for his sake. There’s no doubt about it: this man will waste an eternity looking for you in every woman he meets.

The Lion
The unforgettable thing about you as a romantic partner is the way you support your partner. Not once did you give up hope on your partner and next to you he felt stronger than he ever had before – like he could achieve anything he wanted.

Now that he’s lost you, he’s no longer at his best and that’s something he’ll never forgive himself for.

Remember how your ex was always complaining that you were always nagging him and how he kept pointing out that he already had a mother?
Well, guess what: not having someone to help him and make an effort to make him a better person is something he’ll miss most about you.

Over time, this guy got used to having your support and now he regrets losing the one person he could rely on in any weather.

Your ex will miss leaving you the second he realizes that you were the only one who could reassure him.
You were his calm haven, the only person in the world who could deal with his moods and the only one who could compromise with him.

When it comes to you, people regret losing you because of your loyalty. This applies to your friends as much as to your romantic partners.
You are a thoroughly honest and committed partner but sadly he didn’t appreciate it in time.

The moment he realises that you’re not coming back and that he’s lost you for good, your ex will realise that you were the only person who made him smile.
You were his lifesaver and the one girl who made all of life’s difficulties seem bearable.

If you were born in this zodiac sign, your ex will regret leaving you because you put so much effort into your relationship.
You were ready to overcome any obstacle and he knows that you would never leave him, as he left you.

In addition to being sad about losing such an amazing girlfriend, your ex will also forever regret the fact that he also lost you as a friend.
You were a true life companion – someone he could tell his deepest secrets to and the one person who never judged him.

I can guarantee one thing: no one will ever please your ex the way you did. You never forgot to remind him what butterflies in the stomach felt like and you were the most romantic girlfriend he ever had.