Some tips to avoid falling in love and reconnect with your loved one!

Some women as soon as they find themselves in a relationship forget to care. They think that once they get their hands on a man they may not do their toenails, shave when they should and other such “nothings”, and things tend to get worse after moving in together on the grounds that “whoever likes me likes me that way”. Well, nothing could be further from the truth, because the imagination and interest of the partner must be maintained, otherwise women run the risk of finding themselves alone in a relationship after a while, longing for the moments of the first months. Even if they live in the same apartment, two people who supposedly want to live a life together must share physical contact things, listen and understand each other, spend quality time together and not hide anything from each other.

There are many people who seek comfort in their day-to-day work, working more and more in the hope of avoiding certain sensitive discussions and under the pretext of working for the couple’s well-being, but this attitude is harmful. Even worse is when the two make plans for the future together but discover that they do not share the same values and each wants something else out of life. Here are a few tips to avoid falling in love and reconnect with your loved one.

Admit that dreams have ruined your life
The feeling of loneliness does not come overnight, from a single misconception. It’s very easy to forget that you need to take care of a relationship, not just the fulfilment of your long-dreamed-of life. If you have come to feel lonely as a couple you need to take a look at your life, realise that you really want it and possibly reorient yourself. Try to find time to do different things together, look for new activities that neither of you has done and build beautiful memories together.

Thank your partner
Everyone feels good when he or she is acknowledged and appreciated, and in this case a word can do wonders. Saying “thank you” and “please kindly” are the first things to be forgotten when life gets too busy and yet it is the easiest way to start a conversation. You can thank her when she makes your coffee, when she takes out the trash, when she wakes you up in the morning to go to work, when she does the dishes or laundry, anytime and for anything. A nice method is to leave little notes in your jeans pocket, coat pocket or simply on your desk, in any case in a place where you are sure your partner will find them. You will be surprised how effective these words are.

Don’t expect them to read your mind
No one can read your thoughts, they can at best guess what you are thinking or craving, but they can’t know exactly what you want or what you are thinking at any given moment. So if you want something tell him, if he upsets you with something talk to him about it, don’t sit around thinking that maybe he will bring home your favourite flowers and don’t suddenly get angry without talking to him. Very few men understand innuendoes and approximations so the best way to communicate with them is to tell them clearly what is bothering you, speak loudly and clearly, preferably in short, articulate sentences with subject and predicate.

Show interest in your partner’s life
They say details are everything, the more you know about your partner’s life the more you will have to love. You can skip the traditional “How was your day?” and get straight to the point: “What did you like most about your day?”, “How did the project you worked on go?”, “What did your partners say about your work?” and emphasise through successive questions how much you would like to know more about his daily life in your absence. Also, don’t just ask questions, be mentally prepared and open-minded to tell about your activities on your own initiative, so you show that you are willing to share the good and the bad, to live your life together.

Go to bed at the same time
A stronger bond is created when you go to bed together on most days of the week. It’s understandable that sometimes one of you will be busier, but it’s romantic to change into your pyjamas at the same time and snuggle into each other’s bed, never mind what might happen afterwards. Touching releases one of the happiness hormones, oxytocin, which is also known to relieve stress and increase that feeling of well-being and togetherness. This can happen in bed, while holding each other and talking about each other.

Schedule a bi-monthly evening meeting
Although it may seem awkward at first, over time you will learn to appreciate the time you spend together. If you haven’t done much with your loved one lately, expect it to take a while for you to reconnect and start enjoying dating again. Most importantly, try to do new things that you can talk about for a long time from now on, that are new to both of you or that at least one of you loves: go for a romantic dinner in the dark in a new restaurant, play a recently released game on the console together or even simply come home on a new route holding hands.