6 unconscious signs men use to “tell” you they’re about to cheat

They fight with you over every little thing
That is, he provokes you because of the tension in him. His whole demeanor is irritated, he makes an issue out of things he never did before. You already feel like you’re walking on eggshells around him, and if one breaks, the trouble bomb explodes.

He’s going machinic with his phone
Guarding it like a guard dog. He keeps it on him at all times, even takes it to the toilet. On certain phones he goes out into the yard or into another room. He always locks up if you go near him. Maybe he has two phones. There could be an online flirtation going on here.

This manipulation technique is named after a 1944 film by Ingrid Bergman. The idea is that your partner denies your own reality, makes it look like nonsense, a fantasy. It makes you question your sanity.

He suspiciously likes another woman on Instagram, hides his phone, gets messages late at night, and you call him on it. He calls you paranoid, she’s just a mate, he gets the messages at work. And it goes on like this until you end up believing her instead of yourself. And you don’t see what’s right in front of your face: that the woman in Instas is not a friend, but a lover, that she sends the messages at night.

She’s disappearing
That is, there are times, hours, times of the day, even days (say a business trip) when your boyfriend doesn’t contact you at all, even for a brief message or phone call. Of course, he doesn’t have to account for every second of his time, but if such disappearances break a previously habitual pattern of contact between the two of you, you may be suspicious.

If he tells you about his previous infidelity
This can come out relatively quickly, even when you’re dating. If a guy repeatedly tells you about how he cheated (regretted it, etc.) on his previous boyfriends or girlfriends, it doesn’t bode well for you either. Psychologists believe that the best indicator of future behaviour is past behaviour.

Your intuition is warning you
Unfortunately, we very rarely believe it, but it’s almost never wrong. If your gut, inner feminine instinct tells you that something is wrong, then