6 Tricks To Keep A New Relationship On Track

The chemistry between a man and a woman is like a fire that needs tending.

You’ve seen each other, you like each other, you see each other a few times a week and you feel in love. You feel that this time you’re on the right track and you don’t want to repeat past mistakes, Here are six tricks that will help you keep your relationship on track.

Be authentic
I know, I’m repeating myself. But we’re so afraid of this thing that we need encouragement, sometimes lots of it, to put it into action. What attracts it to you is who you really are and what makes you unique. By following you, don’t hide your beauty. Let it shine, in all its glory.

Be relaxed
In gestures, in words, in attitude. Don’t stress yourself unnecessarily thinking about what she thinks of you, what impression you’ve made or what you need to do. Since she’s looking for you and wants to spend time with you, it’s clear she likes you. The relaxed state will allow you to have your say, act natural and be able to give her witty retorts. Time together will be a pleasure.

Show him you like him
This doesn’t mean you have to be desperate and text him every hour. But don’t be shy about telling him what you like about him and complimenting him on various aspects of his personality. This will show him that you’re paying attention to his person and that you see the whole of him. My boyfriend was very pleased when he realized that I really like him.

Don’t be afraid to flirt
The chemistry between a man and a woman is like a fire that needs to be maintained. Although at the beginning of a relationship the attraction between two people is strong, flirting makes it even more delicious. A glance, a word thrown a certain way, a message heightens the passion and helps maintain a beneficial tension.

Take care
A woman in love is more beautiful than ever. A great opportunity for you to show off and surprise him on every date with a little something. Be creative in each of your appearances and he will be over the moon.

Keep a little mystery
Don’t give yourself away completely, right off the bat. Yes, be open about who you really are, but don’t put everything on a plate. You don’t have to tell her everything you do with girls, for example. Warning. This doesn’t mean making him jealous or lying to him.