What are the signs when a woman is in love with you?

Changed behaviour
When a woman is in love, she can often be quite out of control.

For example, a woman who has never worn heels or been to the hairdresser or beautician suddenly opens up to them. In many cases, these changes happen because of the man she’s attracted to.

But she may also take up new hobbies, also for the sake of her lover.

These are natural things, and there’s nothing wrong with them, as they broaden your horizons.

But we should be careful not to turn ourselves inside out and do something just because the other person loves or cares about it. After all, we want to be loved for ourselves.

Eye contact
The other fairly obvious sign is in the mirror of the soul, the eye.

According to psychologists, people in love look each other in the eye 75 percent of the time. If a woman looks into a man’s eyes for a long time and even smiles at him, it’s definitely a sign of sympathy on his part.

Asking for help
When getting to know someone, the ancient hunting instincts kick in and this is not only true for men.

The woman likes to play the role of the defenceless victim who has to be looked after by the big strong man. Even if she could solve the problem on her own.

She needs his coat when it’s cold, he needs help printing or fixing something….in short, it’s the perfect opportunity to have a little chat.

Changed gait, movement
Our bodies can tell us about all our emotions, whether we dislike someone or not.

A woman in love, pulls herself out in front of her lover and sways her hips more. There are evolutionary reasons for this: it makes her look healthy and fertile in the eyes of men.

Most women have caring hardwired into them.

And if they love and care about someone, this is doubly true.

When you notice her surprising you with little things, cooking your favourite meal or just running down to the grocery store to get you something, she’s bound to have a tender bond with you.