The law of boomerang: What are the consequences of infidelity

Is there really such a thing as the Law of Boomerang? Do we get back all the bad deeds we have willy-nilly done? What are the karmic consequences when a person cheats and forgets about the one he promised to take care of for the rest of his life? Let us seek the answers to all these questions now.

The boomerang launch
Some believe that the “boomerang launch” depends on a person’s guilt . If he deliberately -has done the bad act, then the bad karma cannot be avoided. The process of punishment starts sooner or later. Conversely, if there is no guilt, there are no consequences.

Others believe that there is always punishment for treason. Even if one does not feel guilty. Retribution can come in this life as well as in the next.

What are the consequences for infidelity?
If a person has changed and betrayed their loved one, many things can happen to them. That is, it can happen that he feels all the pain he has caused. Only, as a rule, even stronger.

Sometimes karmic healing takes the form of prolonged loneliness and constant rejection.

Karma also affects our appearance
Karma can also affect appearance. If a person, for example, was very attractive in appearance, after the karmic “punishment” he will quickly lose his attractiveness.

What does religion say?
In the Orthodox faith it is also considered that infidelity is a sin for which God punishes. Because the family is sacred. And it is important in relation to a loved one to observe pure thoughts, to be faithful to each other.

How can we resist temptation?
To betray one’s loved one or not, that is a personal choice. And in order not to give in to temptation, you have to be conscious. Anyone can say no to his lustful desires, but only if he wants to.

What to do if the feelings disappear?
To live and suffer all your life? No one forces you to do that. You just have to be responsible and honest with your mate. In order not to start the Boomerang Law before anything with another person, it is important to break up with the one you are with now. And it’s worth thinking about it 100 times so you don’t regret it later. Often times, for a fleeting pleasure, people lose those who are really important to them!

Will the woman who took the man away from his family be happy?
Forbidden love – love for a strange man

Every woman dreams of being happy, but happiness for everyone lies in different things. And if you haven’t managed to get yourself married in time, every day the opportunity to do so decreases. Because time passes, youth is gone, and the dream happiness still does not come to us…

And suddenly we find it. Violent passions follow, and then it turns out that … he is married.

To destroy someone else’s family or to walk away?
What are the options in this case – to destroy someone else’s family or to withdraw, although the suffering will also be great?

It is not in vain that clergymen, psychics and psychologists advise not to take drastic measures with regard to a married lover. There are a number of reasons for this, but now we will dwell on some basic ones.

Love and remorse
Separating a man from his family is no joking matter. There will always come a time when you blame yourself for what you did without thinking it through. Children are a particular reason – at the very least, if the man lives with another woman, he won’t see them as often as he used to. He’ll be out of their lives, and he needs to be by their side, watching them grow and helping them in their time of need.

There is something else. Do you think you will live a cloudless life with this man? That the same problems won’t arise between you that caused him to abandon his family? It’s naive if you believe it.

I was one, but now I’m another
For example, the man believed that family was sacred until he met the woman who managed to convince him otherwise. A shift happened in his subconscious, his values and priorities rearranged, and he stopped viewing marriage as sacred.

And once such a change begins, it is hard to stop!

The thrill that destroys worlds
The need for adrenaline. The need to hunt. Not our fault, nature made us this way. Marriage gets old fast and we need new breaths of fresh air. And the cure is one – to seek new thrills. And as we know, the forbidden fruit is the sweetest.

Family problems
Men are afraid of such problems. Moreover, many ladies believe that solving problems is a man’s responsibility. But the man is fed up with it. And then he becomes susceptible to outside influences – it’s very easy to cut a man off from his family when he’s already mentally set on leaving them.

But at that point no one realizes that the same is waiting for him in the new family nest. And there at some point the same grey routine will begin and the holiday will go up in smoke.

It is so easy that it is a sin not to try.