Why a man does not dare to show his feelings?

Women are romantic and emotional by nature. Seeking their mate, they tend to exaggerate the meaning of the views addressed to them and in their own way interpret the meaning of the phrases they hear. “He’s definitely in love with me,” they enthusiastically tell their friends, and then are surprised that they don’t hear the cherished confession.

In many cases, this is because women misinterpret the gestures and facial expressions of the stronger physical contact. Men also contribute to this because they cover up. Their hidden affection remains a secret because, before they decide on anything, they want to make sure they have met her – the one. But now we will lift the veil of secrecy and reveal the most common signs of falling in love.

But first let’s see why many representatives of the stronger physical contact are reluctant to talk about what is in their hearts. That is, let’s clarify why the man, although he is not at all indifferent to you, for some reason keeps it hidden.

There are quite a few reasons for such “secrecy”. But, if you pay more attention to the behavior of your chosen one, you can always find out whether he has feelings for you or not.

The secret of male psychology
Men tend to think that showing affection on their part will reduce the chance of getting a positive response from the woman. Therefore, you should explain to your chosen one that this opinion is wrong, psychologists advise. And the earlier the better.

Men mistakenly believe that indifference and coldness on their part awaken natural instincts in a woman
Many men are sure that indifference and coldness on their part awaken the natural instincts in a woman and so will make her “burn” with love. But this opinion is wrong, and if a man is guided by it, he exposes his relationship with the desired woman to great danger. It is extremely important for a lady to know about the existence of mutual feelings. Otherwise, he may simply pass by and look for love elsewhere.

If the man is married…
If the man is married or has been in a relationship for a long time, he certainly does not want anyone to know about his feelings. The fear of destroying his secure life and starting over causes him to withdraw into himself. And to keep quiet.

A man in love, afraid of being wrong, will test his exploded feelings for a long time. But in this case at least he has a serious excuse. The hidden sympathy of a married man is directly related to his safety.

A failed attempt at a relationship in the past
Some men who have had a bad experience in a previous relationship are hesitant to talk about their true feelings, afraid of being wrong this time too.

Such behavior can stem from various psychological traumas preventing the man from leading a fulfilling life and opening up emotionally to new people. Fear of making a mistake makes him guard himself for a while. And only after a thorough study of the woman, he would decide to take the first step.

If the man has not had a serious relationship for a long time
Then he is afraid to show his feelings for the lady, because he has long been alone and is not confident in himself and his own abilities.

In addition, he is afraid of changes in life, so he is ready to postpone the question of love.

According to male opinion, all feelings are temporary, which means that it will end. Only after some time he will decide whether it is worth trying to build a serious relationship or not.

If a man doubts his feelings
If a man is sincerely in love, he will definitely give himself away. But sometimes at the moment of feelings arising it is difficult to understand exactly what we feel. Give him some time to sort out his own emotions.

The man may be in love, but see only the negative sides of the woman that act as a brake on his determination. It is important for him to find out if he can come to terms with these shortcomings and only then make the decision to start a relationship.

Age difference
Sometimes it happens that a mature man goes crazy for a young girl. A man’s hidden sympathy will express itself in something very insignificant. Realizing the inconvenience of the large age difference, he will conceal his feelings as carefully as possible. Even from himself.

The fear of being rejected by his young chosen one and condemned by society makes the man hesitate. The same would be the case if he was already married.

Fear of being rejected
The uncertainty faced by a man considering confessing his feelings can scare many. Because of his self-doubt, he fears that once he declares his love, he will face coldness and rejection.

For example, a man’s latent affection for a female colleague may not “see the light of day” because, despite the warm relationship within the team, his feelings are likely not to be mutual. In this case, not only will he not be able to build relationships outside of work, but he will also spoil existing ones.The natural instincts of men make them look for the desired lady. Their hunt must always yield results, otherwise their egos suffer.

That’s why the stronger physical contact prefers to wait and carefully hide their own feelings. But when the right moment comes, he will do everything so that his beloved cannot refuse him.