Find The Spark – 4 Ways To Fall In Love Again

After a long and wonderful summer, everyday life is back again. If you feel that passion is absent and you and your partner have more of a friendship relationship, it might be time to look at the future. But of course it is possible to work on a relationship – here are 4 ways to fall in love again.

Compliment each other
A common reason why people lose the spark in a love relationship is that they take each other for granted. Living with someone seven days a week can mean that you don’t always see each other. But be as nice as you are to your friends with your partner. If you have a loving tone towards each other on a daily basis, it becomes a virtuous circle. Tell your partner what you love about them.

Treat yourselves to a holiday together
Stop when you sense things are bad and prioritise. Try to get away on a date together or ideally – go on holiday together. This will give you time to just see each other and discuss common dreams.

Don’t forget your own interests
Who were you before you met? Do things that you enjoy and that make you grow. If you feel fulfilled and motivated yourself, it will most likely spill over into your relationship.