5 Signs That You Are Ready To Move In Together

Moving in together is a big step for any couple, but for people who are inexperienced in what it means to live with their loved one, this change comes with many surprises.

Every relationship evolves differently, so it’s not surprising that some couples move in together after just a few months of relationship, while others wait years to take this step. One study shows that there are many things that can influence the success of the relationship, from the length of the relationship to the financial and functional aspects of living together. Here are the signs that you and your lover are ready to move in together:

If you have been together for at least a year
Or even longer, if possible. “This period gives couples time to go through several relationship stages, as well as the trials of everyday life that will test their relationship,” experts. The better you know the person you’re going to live with, the less likely you are to have misunderstandings and arguments. Plus, moving in together means taking your relationship to another level of intimacy, and this is always more comfortable when you know the person next to you.

If you have similar tastes
Combining two different tastes in one home can be a difficult task, especially when it comes to apartment design and space sharing. Decorating an apartment where both partners feel comfortable can be a bone of contention for many couples. That’s why it’s always easier if you already have similar tastes or if you reach a consensus on the layout. Of course, there are furniture pieces that combine the elegance women prefer with the functionality men need, so both partners will be happy, so before you move in together, make sure you discuss how your new home will look.

If your decision is not influenced by external factors
“One of the biggest mistakes couples make is moving in together for financial reasons,” says therapist Caroline Madden. Even if you find it unnecessary to pay rent or instalments on two homes or pay only one set of bills, financial reasons should not be the one influencing you to move in together. Instead, you should make sure you are both ready to take this step.

If you trust each other completely
When you live together with your partner, it’s extremely important that you trust them and neither of you feels the need to control the other. For some couples, the hardest part is adjusting to the feeling that they no longer have time for themselves. That’s why you should discuss beforehand how you will share your time, so that you don’t feel you are neglecting your friends, relatives or even yourselves. Trust is all the more important because, for some partners, it’s hard to resist the temptation to check their half’s phone or computer, an invasion of privacy that can lead to serious arguments.

If you like spending time together
Perhaps one of the most important signs that you’re ready to live together is when you spend your nights in each other’s company anyway. For many couples, commuting between their own home and their partner’s home proves to be quite difficult, so they prefer to divide their week between a few days spent at home and the rest at their partner’s home. When you are already practically living together, even if you haven’t “officially” moved in, you are definitely ready to take the plunge.