7 Signs That Your Husband Is A Narcissist

How can I recognize a narcissist? 7 signs that your partner is a narcissist with whom a relationship is extremely difficult.

How you can tell that your partner is a narcissist
A relationship with a narcissist is difficult because if you love yourself the most, you can hardly be a good partner in love. How you can recognize a narcissist is explained here.

Love yourself, be yourself! Some people have misunderstood these tips for more self-worth. They are self-absorbed and egocentric – narcissists for whom their own fulfillment is the most important thing in life. Against such a partner you have a hard time in love. Signs that you will never really play a big role in his life.

The sun revolves around him: Is my husband a narcissist?
Admiration is important to him. Very important. He doesn’t have a circle of friends, he has a fan club. He is the center of the party and everyone loves him. People remember him for years – he, on the other hand, can’t remember a single name.

He can talk – but not listen
He knows how to express himself. He is entertaining. His choice of topics is exciting. He just can’t listen, unfortunately, because he’s used to having everyone hanging on his every word. If someone else speaks, he takes over the conversation with his own anecdotes. And every second sentence begins with “I.”

You play no role in his decisions
He doesn’t like compromises. Instead, he emphasizes that he doesn’t want to take away your space. If you don’t feel like doing what he feels like doing right now, he generously allows you to fulfill your desires. Alone. While he pursues his interests. Meeting halfway is not his thing.

He does not want to commit
Planning quite concretely into the future is usually uncomfortable for him. He is more of an opportunist and seizes the opportunities that come his way. It would only be a hindrance to commit himself to anything. He explains this with spontaneity, but actually he just wants to leave all possibilities open.

The main thing is that he is doing well! At what point is this narcissistic?
He can certainly be generous. But he doesn’t like to share. What he gives away, he passes on because he has enough of it himself or doesn’t need it. It doesn’t occur to him to endure cuts for others. He certainly wishes you the best – but only if he lacks nothing.

He is a narcissist: He reacts to criticism with withdrawal.
The narcissist avoids arguments because he cannot stand criticism. He is his own biggest fan, moderation of his behavior is close to blasphemy. He reacts to this in an unrelaxed manner and punishes his critics with withdrawal of love. A mechanism, which works super for him, because so the others strive again for him. Regardless of whether the criticism was even justified.

You are an option and not his priority
Again and again he gives you the feeling that he is with you only until something better comes along. He gushes about other women and neglects praise, recognition and compliments with you. As if it was finally award enough that you may enjoy his closeness.