How to choose a life partner? What should you follow?

When we are looking for our other half we often make plans about what he will be like, we have different ideas and dreams about our future lover. How to choose a life partner? Do we look and wait for the ideal – that is, for the proverbial knight on a white horse?

When looking for a partner, we are guided by certain qualities in our choice, but very often after several meetings it turns out that we do not like various things in his behavior at all, and the qualities we were looking for are not necessary at all. Here are our observations, on a few, usually so desirable male qualities. And what qualities are you looking for in your man?

How to choose a life partner – A FACET WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR
Not one of us is looking for just such a man, a man who can make the company laugh to tears, constantly telling jokes, however, we advise you not to look for a guy who has an unearthly sense of humor, but one who will make you laugh all the time. You don’t necessarily have to be entertained by the same things as your partner, so look for a relationship where you both feel happy and fulfilled, and most of all, you feel understanding. In such a relationship, there are bound to be common things that will provide both of you with lots of laughter.

How to choose a life partner – PHYSICAL IMPROVEMENTS
Yes, yes? Tall, beautiful eyes, radiator, sculpted body. Hmm? Not one of us dreams of just that. However, don’t look for a guy from the cover of a playboy, but a man who will attract you. In life you have to look with your heart, not your eyes. Sometimes men you wouldn’t even look at have much richer insides than those we follow with our eyes. If you’re looking for a Pattison-style guy, you might miss out on the one who would make you truly happy.

How to choose a life partner – WORK AND PASSION
Don’t look for a man with a mountain of money and a good job, but one who has passions. Not one woman has dreamed of being a doctor, pilot or CEO of a large company, which will make her feel freedom and financial independence. However, it has been proven that men with passions are better lovers not only in bed.

Evening meetings together, afternoon dates alone, trips, and you feel great, but there comes a moment when you go together to a barbecue at his or your friends’ place. As it happens at social gatherings, everyone goes to a corner to talk on the sidelines. Often it happens that your boyfriend doesn’t like your friends, they don’t like him, and then you start to wonder if you did the wrong thing to go out with him. We advise, don’t be too guided by your friends’ opinion. Of course, you should listen to them, because they probably want good for you and are there to give you advice, but remember that you are the one who should feel fulfilled and happy in the relationship. Therefore, if you do not share your friends’ opinion, absolutely do not follow their opinion.