Keeping a Woman: Tips for Success

You are a great stud. That’s great! But to keep a woman, you are so clumsy. Yet, you don’t want to lose the one who shares your life right now because she is the one. The solution? Think about keeping the feelings alive. Of course, it’s not that simple. But you can succeed with the following tips.

Be an eternal lover

In love, nothing is ever completely acquired. Thus, do not believe that she belongs to you because you have seduced her. Keep in mind that love sustains itself. Otherwise, routine may set in, which will eventually tire her out and push her to look elsewhere. So that she is always under your charm, remain the lover who turned her head. Court her from time to time.

Be faithful

Women like men who know how to respect them. Also, make sure that no other woman takes her place in your heart. She must be the only one. Of course, you can socialize with other women, such as co-workers or friends. But be careful! Do not give in to temptation. Then, be generous in love and prove to your wife that you really care about her.

Love her again

Over time, feelings change especially when they are not well nurtured. To keep your wife, you have to fall in love every day. In this way, you will continue to be that great seducer who wants to win her heart at all costs. The more she feels loved, the more she will not risk leaving you.

Be proud to have her by your side

The goal is to make her realize how lucky she is to have you in her life. To do this, you need to show her that you are proud to be the man of her life. Of course, she is not perfect and sometimes she can be very annoying. But forget about her flaws. Think about the good times you share with her so that the flame never goes out.

Accept her as she is

Of course, when you love a person, you must love them with their qualities and imperfections. Don’t be too demanding! Forcing them to change is a big mistake. On the other hand, when they love you, they can take the initiative to improve just to please you even more.

Take responsibility for your feelings

Know that you are the master of your life and your heart. You cannot accuse your wife of being the source of your unhappiness or ask her to make you happy. By blaming your wife, you will make her feel uncomfortable and she may drift away.

Avoid directing her life

Just like you, your wife is responsible for her emotions and her own life. If she has a problem, it’s not up to you to solve it. Your role is to support and encourage her, to show her that she is not alone. At the same time, if she has doubts about your feelings, trying to convince her with a whole list of arguments is not necessary. All you need to do is show her your love. She will eventually believe in you.

Let her breathe

No matter how much you love her, you must let her breathe from time to time. Like you, she needs to have fun with her friends and family. Avoid getting stuck everywhere and taking up her free time. She also needs to find herself and take care of herself “without you”.

Be fun

Yes, women like serious and responsible men. But you don’t have to be all the time. From time to time, add a little humor. It is essential to make her laugh. It makes life sweeter and more interesting.

Listen to her

A woman likes to be pampered and to have her desires fulfilled. The problem is that you have to guess them. To do this, you have to listen to her. It takes more attention to identify the things that make her happy. Remember to memorize them.

Be honest

Honesty is a good human quality and is indispensable if you want to keep the woman you love. When you are with her, be natural and transparent. Small lies and deceptions will not bring you anything. On the contrary, they will lead you to loss. Avoid playing a role. This doesn’t mean that you have to put up with your bad characters.

Learn to forgive

Resentment kills love. If your wife has made a mistake in the past, learn to forgive her completely. This means not talking about it anymore. When it’s forgiven, it’s forgotten!

Remember to always nurture your relationship

Like a plant, love can grow and blossom. When you stop caring for it, it can wilt and die. For your relationship to last and for your wife to stay by your side, you must always look to the future together. Make plans and dreams and try to make them come true.

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