Reasons why some women prefer married men, out of interest?

  • Her past bad relationships tell her, single men are trouble.

Typical, all men are the same. One reason why some women prefer married men is because they put single men down as troublemakers. Chances are they have had a lot of problems in their past relationships.

They are disappointed in men, they consider them to be immature, unable to commit and act responsibly. And right there is a married man who is probably more secure and knows what he wants.

Women with love problems who blame men are going to continue in that vein. The only way to change is for them to change. Married men are the same as men, marriage has not transformed them.

  • Why some women prefer married men: They want competition.

Why do some women go with married men? Some women know that married men fall in love with their lovers. Marriage wears out a relationship and if that man does not find love anymore, he will be inclined to look at another woman.

Also, there are women who want to improve their self-esteem with their conquests. They look for the most handsome guy, the friend’s boyfriend, seducing a married man, etc. They are hungry for recognition for their conquests. Besides, a married man has the exciting ingredient of forbidden.

  • A mistress has very low self-esteem and fear of being responsible.

One reason why some women prefer married men is that they focus on their weaknesses. For many women their greatest security is a man. A married man is synonymous with maturity, he knows what he wants.

Why do I like married men? Maybe your self-esteem is too low, you still want to live under the tutelage of a father. Maybe your vision of what a couple is is not very realistic. Maybe you want to win the title of seductive woman.

  • Why women accept married men: They love what is forbidden.

I don’t understand why I attract married men? Maybe you need a big dose of adrenaline to feel like a woman. Lovers of married men are always very daring, they like to consider themselves free-minded.

The illicit and forbidden always attracts people thirsty for adventure. Danger is one reason why women flirt with married men. They often feed on the hope that they will leave their wives for what they stand for.

Danger is also a reason why young women seek out married men. For them the affair is a way of telling society that they love their freedom.

  • Some women think that a married man is more discreet and less demanding.

Perhaps one reason you attract married men is that you don’t like the pressure of a formal boyfriend. Many single women get tired of the pressure of a partner. They think that a committed man will be more discreet and less controlling.

A man with a wife doesn’t have a lot of time to chase after his mistress. He will try to have discreet, but very passionate encounters. For a woman who loves strong passions this also means freedom. In addition they can have emotional support and live a more experienced love.

Being different, incorrect, casual and spontaneous are powerful reasons why some women prefer married men. It is a great emotional advantage to experience strong emotions. A powerful reason why some women prefer married men.

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