Regardless of a Twin Flame’s intentions to save a relationship, they are futile until they heal their inner demons.

You’ve met your Twin Flame and yet you’ve failed to be together. The man of your dreams disappeared from your life as quickly as he appeared. Don’t blame yourself and don’t judge yourself. It’s not your fault. Here are four reasons why your twin flame is afraid of love.

Suffered some form of childhood abuse
People who have experienced some form of childhood abuse have difficulty accepting love. This is because they are not used to it and may even doubt that it exists. Those who are aware of their feelings will tell their partners what they are going through, while others will automatically reject their partners without knowing why they reacted the way they did.

Can’t face most of the fears they have
Fears are not necessarily caused by physical abuse. As newborns, children have been given the love and care they need. But as they grow up, children are gradually exposed to the challenges of the world around them. The older they get, the more fears they accumulate.

They have experienced abandonment
Abandonment isn’t just the absence of a parent. Abandonment can also mean the loss of parental attention due to the birth of another child. A parent who didn’t receive love in childhood probably won’t know how to show love to their children.

Any form of emotional abandonment requires healing. When this does not occur, the person experiences a void that they want to fill with people or things.

Never shown true love
In some situations, parents have not given their children the support and attention they need. Due to disappointment caused by failed plans or unfulfilled dreams, they were unable to successfully fulfil the responsibilities of a loving parent. As a result, their children grew up in a cold, unloving environment.

Because they are accustomed to living without love, when they reach adulthood, these children have great difficulty accepting a harmonious, long-term relationship with someone who can give them true love from the heart.

No matter how genuine the love they receive and how hard their partner tries, it takes many trials before they can truly see the authenticity of that love. In some cases, it may be too late.

No matter how pure a Twin Flame’s intentions are to make the relationship work, they won’t pay off as long as she is still haunted by her inner demons, leading to breakup.