12 things men notice first when they meet a woman

Women tend to notice the details and men tend to look at the whole picture, so focusing on certain parts of the body comes a little later. The fairer physical contact sometimes fears that certain imperfections in their appearance (which are often unnoticeable) will prevent them from impressing a man they like, and so they become complex and even avoid making contact with him. However, there’s no need to be alarmed – the things that men notice first may surprise you. So, what are the most common things that attract the attention of the stronger physical contact?

Admit it – a smiling man always looks more likeable, so it’s no wonder that it’s a woman’s smile that men notice first. A smiling woman is seen as much more friendly and attractive, which is why you want to talk to her. A smile is like a signal that a conversation will be successful, which makes men more confident and more willing to make the first move. However, a smile must be genuine – a fake smile is very easy to spot.

Yes, the eyes do catch men’s attention. You’ve probably heard the saying that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Eyes can tell you a lot about a person – they betray the emotions you are experiencing. A survey showed that as many as 70% of men pay attention to a woman’s eyes first, so it’s not surprising that this is the part of the body that receives the most compliments.

Beautiful and healthy hair is another thing that catches men’s eyes. Most men believe that beautiful hair radiates youth and health, so it’s a good idea to look after it. It’s a mistake to think that only long-haired beauties catch men’s eye – women with short hairstyles also attract attention. The important thing is to make sure your hairstyle suits you and that your hair looks as vibrant as possible.

Girls who are chubby or very thin often fear that they look unattractive to men, but men don’t think about the fact that a woman needs to lose or gain a few kilos. They simply notice the woman’s physique and either find it attractive or not.

Most men like long and shapely legs, so women often take advantage of this advantage. It’s not just thighs and calves that men notice: their attention is also drawn to… knees. While slender legs certainly attract attention, most men admit that they are much more impressed by wide hips. No wonder – after all, it’s considered a sign of fertility.

Beautiful, glowing skin is a sign of good health, so it’s definitely worth paying more attention to it. Men say that healthy skin is a sign of a healthy lifestyle, so it’s not surprising that it’s considered a sign of attractiveness.

Although women are often surprised that men even notice, research shows that the focus is also on clothing. Most men prefer a woman wearing a classic dress to one who doesn’t shy away from very revealing clothes.

Men are fascinated by women who wear high heels. No, it’s not because they’re often very pretty: it’s just that high heels tend to make a woman look more toned and the shape of her legs more beautiful. However, if high heels make you feel uncomfortable or make walking too uncomfortable, you can choose a different type of shoe, but make sure it is not dirty or scuffed. Unfortunately, sometimes even this little detail can make men less interested.

Women are often tempted to ‘multiply’ their perfume, but this is a big mistake. Too strong a scent will not help to seduce a man, but on the contrary, it can repel him. You should breathe in moderation – the fragrance should not overpower your natural scent.

Men will not appreciate make-up mistakes, but they will notice if make-up looks too challenging. Most men are not comfortable with artificiality, so too much make-up can make them less willing to explore. Men prefer natural make-up – make-up that is simply unnoticeable. So it’s worth trying to look more natural.

Sure, long, colourful nails will attract attention, but a manicure can reduce a man’s desire to date. Short, neatly manicured nails will not go unnoticed either, but they will make a woman look much more attractive. Although manicures are not always eye-catching, sooner or later a man’s gaze is bound to be drawn to your hand.