These are the building blocks of a balanced, happy relationship

A well-functioning, balanced relationship is getting harder and harder to find these days, is the phrase that comes out of the mouths of almost all of us. The Hollywood honeymoon, the cult of perfectionism and the constant search for faults in the other person have often made us forget the meaning of true love. Before a relationship, we must love ourselves first, we must be good with ourselves. To see clearly our weaknesses and our strengths. Openness, courage and trust. Then, when the connection is made with the other person, a conviction that they are willing to make sacrifices. After all this, the foundations without which a relationship cannot be balanced and healthy in the long term.

Communication above all
One of the most important things in a relationship that needs to work is communication. Whatever the topic, the parties should try to convey each other’s points of view. This will also give them a chance to find a solution more quickly, even to a problem. Overthinking, unrealistic creations will be eliminated and overall, the couple may find themselves in a more stable love relationship.

A shared vision of the future Whatever the size of the love affair, it is how each individual envisions the future that matters more. There can be huge problems if your expectations for the coming years are not fundamentally the same. Maybe you want to start a family? Is your partner planning a trip around the world? You prefer the country air, but your partner prefers city life? Well, you can always compromise in such cases, but in the end, if you have very conflicting desires, nothing will hold your love together.

knowledge of love languages
In a happy relationship, it is important to recognise each other’s love languages, so that you know how you can expect them to express their feelings to you. Of course, this is important on both sides. We have already written about the analysis and types of love languages in a previous article, which we recommend you read if you feel that you are a complete beginner on the subject.

Quality time, not quantity Couples don’t need to be together all the time, it’s more important that when you are in a place you focus on each other qualitatively. Organise activities, take time to get to know each other. Talk a lot and include shorter, smaller periods of time together even during busy periods.

With the tips we’ve given you, we hope we’ve given you some guidance on the basics of harmonious relationships. If you’re single, keep these in mind when you’re getting to know someone, and for longer relationships, the novelty of a new relationship can be refreshing.