The Reasons Why He Plays Difficult

Does he show signs that he’s interested in you, and then not even respond? Is he constantly on and off? We’ve listed some reasons why he plays hard to get.

Afraid of getting hurt
When it comes to love, we’re all at risk of getting hurt. It’s a risk we have to take and sometimes it’s easier to choose not to take the chance and spare ourselves from that pain. He may be afraid that you will diss him if he shows that he likes you. Maybe he’s been hurt before and has no desire to be hurt again?

Afraid of making a fool of himself
If he’s not sure you’re interested, he may be afraid of making a fool of himself. He may be afraid that you will show your friends what he wrote, and that everyone will find out.

Afraid to show your feelings
Unfortunately, there is still a macho culture among guys. They’re supposed to be tough and not show emotions. Snark! He might be afraid that his friends will make fun of him if they find out that he writes cute things for you.

Wants to keep your interest
This is the most common reason he plays hard to get, he doesn’t want you to get bored. He thinks he’s more exciting if he’s a bit difficult and doesn’t always respond. And that you’ll find him more interesting if you get to chase him than if he’s available all the time. He’s afraid of being too on and that you’ll think he’s desperate or creepy.

Don’t understand that you’re interested
It could be as simple as him not understanding that you’re interested. Maybe he just sees you as a friend and doesn’t understand that you’re trying to flirt? Or maybe he’s afraid that you just see him as a friend and will friend-zone him if he tries on you.

Not interested
We know you don’t want to hear this… but if he’s really slow to respond and show interest… maybe he’s just not interested in you. If you suspect that’s the case, ignore him and move on.