If you have such a person by your side, hold on to them because they are becoming increasingly rare.

Loyalty is a quality that all people want in relationships – whether we’re talking about the couple relationship, the friendship relationship, the work relationship. Loyalty is that characteristic that helps us trust the people around us, open our hearts to them and rely on them. However, there is no doubt that loyalty is a very hard quality to find in people. Therefore, we must appreciate those who are loyal to us and who would never betray our trust.

Below you find a top 3 most loyal zodiac signs in love relationships. They would never hurt their partner under any circumstances:

If your partner is born in the sign of Cancer, then you can be 100% sure that you will never be cheated on. Astrologers say that Cancer is the most loyal zodiac sign of all. When in a relationship, Cancer is unconditionally dedicated and committed – for him the bond he builds with the person next to him is an almost holy one.

He works hard to earn the trust of the person he’s with and does his best to make them feel safe and loved.

Cancer’s mantra in love: “Love is the most beautiful feeling. Love heals. Love nourishes. Love provides the best. Love transforms.”

Even though Scorpio isn’t considered the best partner in love relationships, when it comes to loyalty things change dramatically. You can rely on him completely and he proves to you around the clock that he’s there forever and will never hurt you.

The moment he gets to fall in love, he gets involved in the relationship and does everything he can to love deeply and stay loyal to the partner he is with.

Scorpio’s mantra in love: ‘Every moment in love is unique. You live and breathe love. You enjoy moment by moment what is in your heart.”

Known for its stubbornness, Taurus is a loyal partner who would never cheat on the person they are with. He is very attentive to those he loves and chooses to spend time with. If he has his eye on you, then you better consider yourself lucky because you know that with him, you will have the most beautiful love story. Everything will be like a fairytale.

In front of Taurus you can strip away your secrets, drop the masks and be vulnerable. He will protect you and be there for you unconditionally.

Taurus mantra in love: “Love is life. Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you in this Universe. Love is a gift from God. Why not enjoy it with all your soul?”