6 Signs He’s Not The Right Man For You

Finding the right partner is similar to finding your true self.

When you love yourself wholeheartedly, you will attract a partner who will love you just as much. But until then you have work to do. And one of the steps is to not waste your time with the wrong person. Here are six signs that he’s not the right man for you.

Not open to resolving conflicts
An open attitude is important to make the relationship work. Both partners should be open to learning about themselves and resolving conflicts. Overcoming conflicts shows that your feelings are stronger than the things you don’t like.

Some people are open and loving, but when they argue they become defensive, angry, withdrawn, or rigid. A loving person will give up ego to resolve conflicts. If your partner isn’t able to do it, then he or she isn’t right for you.

Is not empathetic
If your partner isn’t able to understand your emotions, they probably lack empathy. This can be a sign of narcissism.

Not physically attracted to you
He makes you feel comfortable, even fun to be around. Therefore, become a couple. Only then do you notice that there is no spark between you. He can be a very good friend but not a romantic partner.

He’s always so anxious to be right
In a relationship, both partners matter and the voice of both should be heard. If in your minor arguments or important decisions, your partner always wants to win, this takes away your decision-making power. It creates an imbalance that will wear you down in a short time.

You have nothing in common
The things you do together fuel the fire in a relationship. For example, if you like to read, you can do it simultaneously while enjoying each other’s company, even if you don’t talk.

You don’t have the same values
Shared values are important in any relationship because they often form the basis of important life decisions. If you disagree more often than you agree, then he is not the right one for you.