5 Tips For happy and healthy marriage

A sense of support
Every now and then, life throws a curve ball at everyone. People in good relationships, though, feel secure at all times. They know they have someone who will help them and give them all the support they need, just when they need it.

A good relationship means you don’t feel confined and trapped. You still have the freedom to carefully read your own interests and ambitions within the successful partnership, but you still feel like you can be an individual.

Being content in a relationship means that you can feel comfortable that there is no big rush to get things done. You have time to enjoy things more and you know that building a life together can take time. But that’s no problem, because you have that time and you can feel relaxed about it.

Healthy relationships also make people feel inspired to do their best. They motivate people to bring out the best in each other, and feed off each other’s enthusiasm. In a successful relationship people feel they can achieve things in their own right as well as within the partnership.

A good relationship makes both parties feel safe and secure. They feel comfortable that their partner won’t make big decisions without them knowing, they feel safe that they have someone who will help and protect them and, most importantly, they know that their partner wouldn’t even dream of physically harming them.