8 signs he’s secretly in love with you – even if he denies it

In an ideal world, everyone would feel free to admit that they’re in love. But in the real world, they don’t. So many things can stand in the way of honest feelings: fear of rejection, upbringing, inhibition, even the fact that you may not even know you’re in love. But there are signs that don’t lie. If you’re experiencing these, your guy is definitely seriously emotionally attached to you.

Always on your guard
If someone hurts you or talks badly to you (about you), the guy will immediately pounce on them like a lion. He will do anything to protect you. In the same way, if you need help – whether it’s emotional support or simply asking him to run an errand, go shopping or put together a piece of furniture at your place – he’ll come running.

He’s interested in everything about you
Even the smallest detail. If you stumble and sprain your ankle on a run, if a colleague gets on your nerves with a fart, if you’re delighted by a pretty potted flower in a shop window because you love plants – he’ll pay attention and remember everything. He’ll also listen when you tell him about your family, your childhood, your hobbies.

He tries to be close to you
We’re not saying he’s maniacally stalking you, that’s obviously a gas and you should run away immediately. But if he takes every possible opportunity to bump into you – for example, he “coincidentally” always arrives at work and leaves for home when he knows you are – that’s a very important sign indeed. If you go to the same party and he offers you a lift, if he always turns up at the gym at the same time as you… watch out for these, because he’s secretly looking out for you.

He accidentally touches you
Maybe he pats you on the shoulder in a friendly way, or touches your hand lightly during a conversation. These are involuntary things, but they are very telling. A guy, when he’s in love, has a very strong desire for physical contact and finds it hard to restrain himself.

He gets visibly nervous and moody when it comes to your love life
I mean your love life, of which he is not a part. Say you’re in a relationship with someone else. Or you’re just dating someone else. If this topic clearly bothers her when it comes up – and you can have a great conversation about everything else – then there’s no doubt: she’s jealous.

Looks at you a lot
Eye contact is one of the most telltale signs. And again, it’s instinctive. If you catch him looking at you a lot, it’s almost certain that it’s much more than friendship on his part.

Confident with others, embarrassed with you
If you notice that the laid-back, confident guy around you is turning into a muddy little boy, or at least doing clumsy things, saying stupid things, being silly, etc. a lot, you’re emotionally affecting him. That’s why he gets insecure when he’s with you.

Compassionate with you
When we love someone, we feel their feelings almost as much as our own. If the guy almost cries-laughs with you, but at least notices and empathizes with your joys and pains, he loves you with all his heart.

The question is: what should you do if you notice the above signs in someone? First of all, you have to clarify within yourself whether you reciprocate their feelings or not. If you do, then gently ask him out for a casual date, say for coffee. Don’t confront him, but a longer conversation might help you to find out how you really feel about each other.

If you don’t reciprocate, be nice but make it clear that you’re just friends. Don’t flirt, don’t tease, she has the right to be clear.

Remember: you may find yourself in a situation where you are not loved in return – you may have already been – and that is not a pleasant thing.