11 traits of the MATURE men we want!

Yes, we know though that men, many of them, remain children for a long time. And it sometimes seems ‘Mission Impossible’ to get involved in a romantic relationship with a mature man in the true sense of the word. What are these traits that we stubbornly look for in the men around us?

Mature men know how to communicate
Even in the most beautiful relationships there are moments of tension. It’s inevitable that we don’t have disagreements. But here’s how a mature man behaves in such situations: instead of becoming arrogant and victimising himself, a mature man will have a productive discussion and know how to communicate clearly what he wants and what bothers him. Honesty is a desirable attitude in any relationship and mature men know this!

Mature men invest time and energy in the relationship with the woman they want
There comes a time in every man’s life when he realizes that being in a serious relationship with a woman he appreciates and respects will make him happy. He will stop looking for superficial affairs. A mature man gives up his self-centered toys and invests time and energy in the relationship with the woman he wants to be with.

A mature man compliments you because he wants to make you feel good
… and not because he wants to get into your bed. A mature man compliments because he knows that a woman of his level will appreciate and respond in kind.

Mature men work hard for the present and the future
Once he realizes that other people depend on his behavior, he gives up the “mama’s boy” attitude and takes on the responsibilities that his own family entails.

If immature men are intimidated by smart women, mature men are stimulated by smart women.
An immature man does not risk a relationship with a smart woman. Whereas the man we want is stimulated and in love with the intelligence of the woman next to him. And that makes both of them evolve and self-discover in much deeper ways.

Mature men keep their promises
One of the biggest mistakes immature men make is not keeping their promises to the women they are involved with. They lie, pretend and sometimes forget their word. But a truly mature man will tell a woman how he feels, when he feels, he will keep his promise, and his word will be a reliable one.

A mature man takes responsibility for the mistakes he makes
Honestly owning up to your mistakes and not hiding behind meaningless arguments is also a sign of maturity that smart women look for in smart men.

This man spends time with people he likes and respects, knows what he wants from a relationship, knows what he wants from a woman. And if he dates you, it means he honestly likes and appreciates you. He wants to be with you and only you, and this is very clear to him.

A mature man supports you, not cancels you out
If you are in a relationship where your partner cancels you out, does not appreciate your talents, dreams and does not support you, it means that you have an immature “little boy” next to you, who is not able to see the qualities that you have, because in his mind it is not yet clear to him what his own qualities are. The inner and outer beauty of a person in his proximity becomes rather a source of threat and he reacts so ugly out of weakness. us. A mature man will be there with you, support and admire you for all that you are, and you will respond in kind.

Mature men know how to take care of themselves
This involves knowing how to prepare their own meals, how to tidy and prepare their own clothes. This is called AUTONOMY and self-respect. Only the mama’s boy expects to be waited on all the time and turns his beloved into a servant!

A mature man cares for his children and participates 100% in their upbringing and education
This is one of the most beautiful traits of mature men. They are proud of their children and are involved in everything that involves their upbringing and education, in a truly partnership family, where tasks are shared and assumed with responsibility. They know that in order to develop harmoniously, children need both father and mother and do everything possible for their own and their partner’s well-being. And they do this out of… SINCERE LOVE.