Does Your Ex Like Your Pictures? The Dating Expert Explains What It Means

You don’t speak or see each other anymore, but likes still pop up from them as soon as you post something on Instagram. Do you recognise yourself? Of course, we’re talking about when your ex hasn’t completely let you go (well, or at least still likes your pictures on social media).

Experts Are Answer your question, what does this really mean? The most common reason for this, they says, is as simple as you can guess – they haven’t completely let you go and are trying to maintain some sort of relationship by liking or commenting on your photos.

But there are other reasons for the behaviour too. Here are some of them that Barnett talks about.

They have a hard time leaving the relationship behind
The only thing he can hold on to is your photos and that way you are somehow in his life. Most people are looking for romance and sometimes Barnett says it’s just hard to accept that the relationship is over.

He wants to keep some tabs on what’s going on in your life
it’s not uncommon for an ex to use social media to keep up to date on what your life is like after your breakup. And they’re often extra curious about whether you’re seeing anyone new…

“They check your Facebook or Instagram, hoping you’re not dating someone, and when they don’t see any pictures indicating that, they like your pictures out of sheer relief,”

They “test” you to see if there’s a chance of finding their way back
It’s important to remember that a fling doesn’t always have to mean that much. It can be a by-product of following someone. The thumb kind of comes off in the flow on its own sometimes. But it can also be a way to throw the line out again – in the hope that you’ll take the bait.

“They stay on your radar, because abandoning all ties would mean it’s really over – a painful thought. Liking your photos or posts becomes a sure way to say, ‘I wish we could get back together,'”.