6 tips for happy love

Are you happy in love? Do you already have the confidence that your partner or partner is the proverbial other half of the apple? That’s great. Remember, however, that every love must be taken care of. No state – infatuation, infatuation, mutual fascination – lasts forever. Every feeling goes through different phases. Here are some tips to make your love stand the test of time.

Keep a balance in giving and taking.
Self-sacrifice, compliance, submission and exaggerated kindness will not win your partner’s love. Sooner or later one will rebel and the other will get bored.

Don’t treat each other like property. The words:
“you are mine (mine)” do not mean: “you must do what I want”. This is the tendency of people with a sense of inferiority or who are oversensitive about themselves. They value themselves by controlling their partner.

Accept your hobbies.
It’s worth showing at least some interest in your partner’s hobbyhorse. It’s also good to have at least one activity in common, because nothing perpetuates a bond like shared interests.

Nurture affection.
Trodden slippers and papillotes are a killer for love. Instead, it is sustained by compliments, birthday remembrances, a flower without occasion, an affectionate letter, a romantic evening by candlelight. Compliments like “you look lovely” or “you made a good decision” put you in a great mood and evoke mutual kindness, especially in front of third parties.

Make an effort to be attractive in the bedroom.
Flannel pajamas are good for a trip to the mountains; at home, replace them with silk or cotton. Do you remember how exciting it is to undress each other? How you ignite your senses depends on your ingenuity. Getting to know new things excites you. Couples who play with each other are likely to experience intoxicating moments.

Talk to each other, because silence is dangerous.
It’s better to openly say what our expectations are or what’s bothering us, rather than hoping to second-guess our thoughts and carry a grudge in our hearts. Especially a man needs concrete information. He himself is unlikely to guess what you actually mean.