6 Signs That Your Friend Is A Psychopath – According To The Psychologist

He/she is taking advantage of you
Is your friend always very funny and generous to you even though he/she has no reason to be? A typical behaviour of a psychopath is that they are very nice to take advantage of you. If after a while you notice that you are ultimately being taken advantage of by your friend, you should think about your friendship.

He/she may flirt with your partner
Between friends, there has always been an unwritten rule that you don’t flirt with someone’s partner. And if your friend chooses to do so, you might want to take a closer look at your friend. A common characteristic of a psychopath is that they are very charming and usually for their own gain.

He/she talk bad behind your back
Friends who talk bad behind your back and then turn others against you are never nice or okay. And a psychopath can be very good at this as He/she oscillate between being extremely friendly to quickly becoming cold or nasty. One minute you can be close friends and the next He/she will be talking bad about you.

He/she convince you that you are the most important thing to them
Are you the best and most important person in your friend’s life? Do He/she not know what they would do without you? If you’ve been best friends your whole life, it’s understandable, but if it’s a friendship that doesn’t feel as mutual, you should keep an extra eye on this friend. A psychopath is good at manipulation, and it’s highly likely that you will be.

He/she are very jealous
If your friend is very jealous of you and can’t treat you to anything, they may be a psychopath. A person who is psychopathic has a hard time showing empathy and can be very achievement-oriented, which can make them very jealous.

He/she always blame you
It’s rarely fun when someone puts all the blame on you, and it’s even more boring when a close friend does it. If your friend always puts the blame on you, except when He/she need you or something, they may be a psychopath. Remember to watch how they behave towards others, if you react to their behaviour then remember to be observant yourself.