Top 5 Most Jealous Zodiacs

There are many types of jealousy and most people manifest this unpleasant feeling in one way or another.

When you’re in a relationship, whether it’s long term or just starting out, you’re likely to experience moments of jealousy.

There are some Zodiac signs that can become very jealous when they notice that their partner is getting more attention from other people.

Taurus natives devote a lot of time and effort to relationships so that sentimental failure can be a real disaster for them. If a Taurus native becomes jealous, it can only mean that something serious enough has happened to cause them to lose trust in a person.

Taureans tend to be a little too possessive when it comes to the person they love, so if they become jealous, they will start to act protective, more so than usual. They’ll become even more stubborn and behave strangely, showing that they’re hurt.

In general, Cancer natives are suspicious people. It’s not easy for them to express their feelings, but when they do it means you’ve earned their trust. When they become jealous, you’ll notice that they tend to be more reserved and careful about every gesture you make.

If they’re in a relationship in its infancy, Cancer natives will seem insecure and demand proof of their partner’s affection. They may seem jealous but in fact, it’s just an indicator that they don’t trust themselves. The best way to combat this is to listen to them when they say they want to talk to you about something very important.

For the Leo native, all that matters is the Leo native. It may sound a bit selfish, but the Leo native firmly believes that no one can take better care of their person than they do. When he gets jealous, he can easily overreact and you can expect dramatic moments.

Jealousy turns him into a melodramatic person. He’ll rant and rave until you remind him that he has no reason to behave this way. He might not even be angry at all, just acting out a role to get extra attention.

When a Scorpio native thinks something is up and loses faith in you, it will be almost impossible for them to forgive you, even if you prove your loyalty to them. He can be a mysterious and secretive person, and this also affects his trust in people close to him.

If a Scorpio native has even the slightest reason to believe that their partner is unfaithful – even if they don’t have the slightest proof – then they will be overcome with jealousy. And he won’t hide his feelings at all!

For the Capricorn native, it is jealousy that leads to the breakdown of the relationship. He finds it hard to trust people, and when he has reasons to be jealous, he will give up on that partner without much thought.

It’s good to be honest with the Capricorn native because jealousy can cause him to behave extremely strangely, sometimes even meanly.