5 Beauty Habits You Should Have Before You Turn 30

It seems easy and logical to read them, but the percentage of women who actually practice them daily or have included them in a stable beauty routine is not as high as we think. Having good beauty habits before you turn 30 is synonymous with knowing yourself, plus it helps you look and feel more confident, and of course, helps prevent damage caused by age or bad habits.

Have an established skin routine. 30 is an age when every woman should have paid enough attention to her skin to be able to define how it reacts and how it acts. Every woman should have her basics to apply during the day, and of course specific ones for the night. Skincare is the basis of any beauty and makeup routine.

Have a basic makeup routine established and know what your key products or formulas are. Knowing how to apply makeup day to day, in a simple way and which products to use is the key to streamline any woman’s routine and highlight her best features. By the time you reach 30, every woman should know what looks best on a daily basis and have a simple, yet personalized step-by-step routine in place.

Always remove makeup, cleanse and moisturize your face before going to bed. This is a must for everyone. In addition to removing impurities and providing nutrients and moisture to the skin, during the night the cells regenerate and are more active, so they need to be oxygenated, by not removing makeup and preparing your skin for sleep, the cells oxidize and begin to age.

Use (and reapply) SPF daily. No matter where you are, outdoors or indoors, at the beach or in the city, the sun’s rays reach every corner we can imagine and penetrate our skin. Sunscreen is the best product to prevent skin aging and certain skin diseases.

Learn to take care of your hair. At this age, most women have experimented with colors, textures and cuts. Now, entering the world of trial and error has only one rule: respect the margins of experimentation as far as natural hair color and texture are concerned. Every woman should identify the type of hair and scalp she has and work on that to avoid catastrophic mistakes and most importantly, to be able to establish a care and cleansing routine.