10 tips for waking up beautiful

Certain habits often lead to a bad complexion very early in the morning. But feeling pretty as soon as you wake up has a positive effect on the whole day. In this article, discover 10 tips for waking up feeling beautiful.

Remove your make-up
Removing make-up is the basic rule for waking up feeling beautiful. Mascara on your eyelashes and other make-up can make you look unattractive. To avoid this, remove your make-up every day to leave your face looking radiant.

Let your skin rest
In order to regenerate properly, the skin needs sufficient rest. This means getting at least six to eight hours’ sleep a night. What’s more, getting plenty of sleep helps prevent premature wrinkling.

After removing your make-up, it’s essential to moisturise. The skin regenerates itself at night. So you need to work on your skin to keep it supple. Use a mattifying day cream or moisturising masks.

Do a bit of sport
There’s no need to extol the health benefits of sport. However, doing a bit of sport in the morning will do you a world of good. A simple stretch or a few jumps will help your body to relax and get the day off to a good start.

Drink plenty of water
Drinking water is very important for the skin. It helps to renew cells and prevent wrinkles.

Consider a cold shower
In reality, a cold shower after waking up can be extremely pleasant. It’s a great way to give your body a boost, so you’ll be in great shape from the moment you wake up, and for the whole day.

Look after your hair
During the night, we tend to toss and turn in bed. As a result, your hair will be messy and scattered, so you’ll look unkempt. Opt for a short cut to avoid this. If you value your long hair, braid it.

Drink an energy drink
As soon as you wake up, rush to the kitchen and grab an energy drink. Ideally a vitamin-packed juice, this will help your complexion to glow, give you plenty of energy and a healthy glow. For example, a juice of carrot, lemon and hot water.

Fresh air
Fresh air after a night’s sleep will help you wake up gently. So open the window and take a deep breath. A breath of fresh air on your face will bring out the radiance in your cheekbones.

Put on perfume
Putting on perfume or a little deodorant before bed is very important. It ensures that you have no unwanted odours when you wake up. So you feel good about yourself. This is also often very important if you have a partner by your side.

Adopt a skincare routine
Adopting a skincare routine is also essential for waking up feeling beautiful. Not only do you need to wash your face before going to bed, but you also need to apply specific products for your skin type so that it’s hydrated and radiant first thing in the morning.

Choose products that contain natural ingredients and avoid those with too many chemicals that are harmful to your skin. You should also avoid abrasive or alcoholic cleansers, as they can irritate the skin and cause redness.

Always take a few minutes before going to bed to look after your face: remove any remaining make-up with a gentle make-up remover, cleanse your face with a product suited to your skin type, then apply a moisturising cream or nourishing serum. You can also apply a repairing oil to dry areas such as your cheeks or around your eyes.

By adopting this simple but effective bedtime routine, you’ll ensure your complexion looks radiant first thing in the morning, and it can even help prevent early signs of skin ageing.

Choose comfortable sleepwear
As well as skin care and evening routines, your choice of sleepwear can also have an impact on how beautiful you look when you wake up in the morning. Comfortable clothing is essential for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Choose light, loose-fitting clothes that won’t make you sweat during the night. Avoid synthetic materials that can irritate your skin or cause allergies. Instead, opt for natural fabrics such as cotton or linen, which are soft and breathable.

If you’re used to wearing a bra when you sleep, choose one without underwiring and with a looser fit so that it doesn’t restrict your breathing or cause discomfort when you move around at night.

Bear in mind that if you’re sharing the duvet with someone else (partner or child), be sure to wear something warm enough, as their bodies can cool down quickly when the temperature drops in the middle of the night.

By following these simple tips for choosing comfortable sleepwear each night, you can be sure of a good, calm night’s sleep, which will be reflected in your fresh appearance when you wake up.

Avoid fatty and sugary foods before bed
You may have heard it said that you are what you eat, and this also applies to our appearance in the morning. In fact, fatty and sugary foods can have a negative impact on the quality of your skin and the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. Here are a few tips to help you avoid these pitfalls before you go to bed.

Avoid high-fat meals, as they increase the risk of acid reflux or heartburn, which can disrupt your sleep at night. Foods that are fried or prepared with a lot of butter should therefore be avoided before bedtime.

Similarly, remember to limit your consumption of sugary foods such as sweets and soft drinks at the end of the day. Not only do they contribute to weight gain if you don’t burn enough calories during the night, but their rapid rise in blood glucose levels can make it difficult to fall asleep peacefully.

For a better night-time diet that helps you wake up refreshed and radiant the next morning, opt instead for a light snack such as fresh fruit rich in vitamins and antioxidants, like a juicy kiwi or a crisp apple.

Use a silk pillow to keep your skin and hair looking beautiful
If you want to preserve the beauty of your skin and hair, use a silk pillow. Unlike other materials such as cotton, silk does not absorb the natural oils produced by our bodies during the night. This means that moisture stays on your skin and does not evaporate into the pillow throughout the night.

Another benefit is that silk pillowcases also reduce friction between your hair and the fabric, which can lead to breakage or frizz. With a soft silk pillowcase, your hair is well protected throughout the night.

This luxurious material is also beneficial for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Silk has natural hypoallergenic properties that prevent the growth of mould and other organisms harmful to our health.

There are several different types and qualities of silk cushions on the market today: some are thicker while others are lighter; some have a shiny look while others have a finer matt texture. Simply choose the one that suits your personal style and budget!