7 Signs That Your Crush Is Dating Others

Dating has many benefits, but it also opens you up to getting hurt. Here are 7 signs that your crush is seeing others.
There’s nothing wrong with dating multiple people, as long as you’re honest and open about it. But if you just want to date your crush, it can be nice to know if they’re dating more than one. So how do you know? The easiest way, of course, is to ask, but otherwise there are little signs you can look for.

They hide their phone
Is your crush incredibly secretive when it comes to their phone? Is she peeking over her shoulder to make sure you’re not peeking? Then it could be a sign that your crush is dating more than one.

You meet irregularly
You don’t see each other very often (especially during the weekdays) and he rarely takes the initiative to see you.

You are not introduced to family and friends
Have you still not gotten to meet your brother or crush’s best friend, even though you’ve been dating for months? If so, I wouldn’t count on it happening.

You never talk about a future together
You never plan things together and if you ask your crush about their weekend plans, you’ll get an evasive answer back. This could mean that they already have other plans or don’t want to lock themselves into anything.

Their texts are never questions
If their texts end with “.” and not “?” then your crush probably isn’t as interested in you as you’d hope.

Doesn’t ask for your opinion
In an argument, you never get asked what your opinion is. They are happy to put forward their opinions but don’t care what you think.

You always get back to him
A well-known phenomenon…are you the one who always gets in touch and suggests that you meet up? Then they are not interested or are busy with other things.