The answer is hard to find, because you are used to lying to yourself, because the truth doesn’t suit you or because you are afraid to move on.

The feeling is that you don’t have, that you don’t have anymore. Rost, future, partner, job, parents, child and many more….

The solution? Try to understand what you did wrong! Don’t look for someone else to blame, don’t ask for leniency. Take the blame! Understand what you did wrong, write it down on a sheet of paper and keep it as a lucky charm. And promise not to do it again.

Step one: look at what you’re left with. Health, friends, family, home, work or whatever you consider. All or some of it will help you rebuild.

There is always tomorrow. And if you want it or not, tomorrow is coming. So you have to face it. Whether you’re heartbroken, whether you want to or not, you move on anyway. So make sure you relearn how to walk. No one’s going to walk into tomorrow for you.

You are, you have, you must! And you will! You can anyway. Good would be to understand how you can move forward more easily, for yourself, for those who care about you.

And if you feel you can’t do it on your own, even if you feel you don’t want to or can’t, go to a psychologist, a psychiatrist or a priest. They will definitely help you to get better. As well as you can now. And slowly, slowly, everything will be all right. Because you can!