10 reasons why girls are interested in men with money

  • Girls want good offspring, that’s why they are interested in money men

Why are girls interested in men with money? It’s not a bad thing, a good reason is for their children. Women interested in strong men are looking for security for their offspring.

It is an instinctive act, they are looking for security for their offspring. “Love” will not feed them, but money will. In primitive times only the strongest man could mate and support a family.

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  • A man with money represents the primitive strong and powerful man.

Since primitive times, a mother seeks for her children to have the security of a well-supplied home. The time of hunting has passed, but a man with money still represents that strong man.

Why do women prefer men with money? It’s instinctive, whether it’s money or not, the average woman will always prefer the stronger man. It guarantees our survival over the centuries.

  • Girls interested in men with money are not a modern novelty.

Girls interested in men with money have always existed since primitive times. Money has only been around for a very short time. In prehistoric times power meant weapons and power to hunt.

Women who date men for money are only doing what their primitive ancestors did. Today competitiveness and power is measured in terms of money.

In ancient times the men with the strongest offspring factors were the ones who accumulated the most provisions for their families.

  • A man is also interested in rich women

There are not only women interested in men with money. Men are also interested in women with the same qualities. A woman with wealthy qualities guarantees a family with emotional stability.

Only stable and well-provided families can produce strong children. Men, instinctively, also look for strong offspring. A man may go after another female, but he will return to his family.

Girls interested in men with money have more opportunities for advancement. Instinct leads to greater well-being for cohabitation and child rearing.

  • A man’s money determines whether a woman is interested and accepts a formal relationship.

Women want men with money even though 91% of single women say that love is more important. When it comes to marriage, 75% of women will not marry an unemployed man.

It is normal for women to be interested in successful men, but when they don’t trust that success, they look for something better. Women want to feel confident that their partner can bring something good to the table.

As you can see, women like men with money. But in reality what they are looking for is a secure, happy, strong relationship that lasts for a long time.

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  • By instinct, women prefer to dedicate themselves to raising children.

It is a great dream for a woman to fulfill herself and be self-sufficient. But if all women did that, we would become extinct. Girls interested in men with money save our species.

According to one study, 47% of women would like to work less. Many single women find that their careers interfere with their love lives.

43% of single women feel that a career negatively affects getting a partner.

36% of engaged women believe that work can be a problem in a relationship.

Women over 35 are more likely to give up their careers to care for their children.

  • Are you a fat, ugly man? The solution is to become a good provider

Girls interested in men with money don’t look at appearances. I mean, you don’t even need to go to the GYM or go on a radical diet.

You can be chubby, nerdy and ugly and you’ll still have plenty of women at your feet, begging for your love. All you need is to BE WEALTHY!

A study found that women don’t care if men get fat. As long as at the same time, their bank account also increases.

They say that if you get 10% fatter, your salary must increase by 2%, so your woman won’t mind. Girls interested in successful men is part of the balance of life.

  • Women prefer or are interested in thin and rich, very rich men.

Women interested in men with money also prefer them slim. But men also prefer slim and independent women.

In terms of physical appearance women and men have similar preferences. But when it comes to money there are big differences between what men and women prefer as a partner.

Girls interested in men with money do not decrease despite their struggle to work and be self-sufficient. Being mothers is still a privilege that most women love.

  • A man doesn’t need to be good at falling in love if he has a lot of money.

According to a study, rich men provide better romantic life, to women, without being so detail-oriented. A woman’s perception of a man’s level of wealth affects his ability to achieve romantic pleasure.

Women interested in men with money can more easily feel multiple satisfactions with them. Women love expensive gifts, jewelry, perfumes, etc., because it all means a more pleasurable and fulfilling life.

Happiness in a woman can even predict whether a man will be rich or not. Women will prefer men who make them feel more. These types of men have the best factors for being rich.

  • Girls interested in men with money love powerful cars.

Men prioritize physical attractiveness, but for women the most important thing is status. That’s why women interested in men with money look at the cars they drive.

A woman can change her perception of a man just by looking at the car they drive. Watch the video, interested woman. The best example of a woman interested Woman interested.

Women prefer cars that show dominance and power. A single man or a man looking for a partner prefers to use a sports car. A man who is already at ease with his partner prefers a van.

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