7 Weird Things You Do When You’re Secretly In Love With Someone

Have you noticed how stiff it can get when you’re interested in someone? That the sentences get wrong and you accidentally say something you absolutely can’t stand? Or that you suddenly start hanging out in places you know this person usually goes? Yes, there are a lot of weird things you make up when you’re secretly in love with someone. Here are 7 things you’re sure to recognize!

You stalk your crush.
You keep tabs on everything and make sure to stay updated on Facebook and Instagram on what’s going on in this person’s life. You stalk so much that you accidentally like a picture on Instagram that was taken 78 weeks ago – embarrassing!

You plan your future together
“Our kids are going to be named Liam and Gabriella … And we’re getting married on a beach in the Caribbean …” In fact, you haven’t even been on a date together.

Everything just goes wrong
You’re standing there talking and you seem to have lost the ability to speak because you can’t get a single word out. Then when you do try to make a sentence, you stutter on the words and everything just goes wrong!

You know the names of all family members and friends
His closest friend’s name is Jacob and his mother’s name is Johanna. You know all the people in your secret love’s life. The only problem is that they have no idea who you are.

You start hanging out in unexpected places
You hate the gym but now you’ve started hanging out there (your crush actually works out here!). With your tracking skills, you’ve managed to figure out what times she usually hangs out here, so you trot over.

You decide to eat lunch at the same time
You see that your crush is going out for lunch and you run off at the same time – this is an opportunity not to be missed! The seat next to you is free and you see your chance to sit down and talk over lunch.

You and your best friend have a secret name
It would be awful if your crush found out you were talking about them in public, so you and your best friend assign them a secret name. “Today P came to see me, I think he likes me too!!”.