6 ways to act when a man plays with you, your self-esteem

  • Are you really playing with your feelings? Or are you playing their game?

One of the reasons why men play with women is emotional dependence. If you lack character and don’t have a lifestyle of your own that gives you satisfaction, you are weak. In that state any adverse circumstance will affect you negatively.

You can have many expectations of this man and obviously he will not fulfill them, they are only your expectations. In this case he is not playing with your feelings, he is not what you think. Your partner can’t be the way you want him to be, not even if he wanted to.

A man plays with you if he lies to you continuously, if he does not respect you and does not give you your place. What to do? You don’t play with yourself. If he doesn’t love you, love yourself, take refuge in your active self-esteem and strengths.

  • How to act when a man plays with you: Take the side of your self-esteem

In these cases the most important thing is your self-esteem, how you look at yourself. If you think that person is your everything is going to affect you a lot, but not because of their game, but because of your weakness.

A man who plays with a woman’s feelings is an immature, insecure person who does not love himself. He cannot give what he does not practice with himself. Be grateful, because that person makes you see what you are made of.

If you react as a victim, then you are seeing how weak your self-esteem is. Take the side of love for yourself, be thankful and look for your strengths. You don’t need another person to behave well for you to be happy.

  • You need to act nice to yourself when that man plays dirty with you

If he treats you badly you don’t do the same. The best way to get back at a man who plays with you is to treat yourself well. That is, no complaining, no prolonging your suffering. You can no longer continue that relationship.

Maybe he will promise to treat you well this time and you will believe him. But decide to be happy without depending on what he does. Stop calling him and looking for excuses to see him. Even if he changes, it’s not for you.

If you really think he’s a worthwhile man, cut the relationship. Help him change by walking away from him and work on your own self-esteem. The only person who can make you happy is yourself.

  • It is better to act for your own well-being and happiness, learn when a man plays with you

Your response to that person’s betrayal should be to focus on yourself. Don’t bother with it, just decide to be happy for yourself. By staying focused on yourself you stop expecting someone else to make you happy.

How do you act when a man plays with you so as not to suffer? Take care of all your earrings, help out in your house even if you are heartbroken. Do not give him the pleasure of seeing you waiting for him, become a more attractive woman.

It is very important that you value your time and energy. When a man plays with you, don’t play with yourself. Seek your personal well-being and increase your self-esteem.

  • The most important person is always you, if he leaves you, you don’t leave.

As much as you may be shocked and suffer because your boyfriend plays with you, you are the most important thing in that equation. If he doesn’t take care of you, take care of yourself. Don’t lose yourself for anything in the world.

When a person plays with another person’s feelings, they suffer a lot. But in suffering you are treating yourself badly. It is the moment to consider yourself the most important and to give you more love.

Do things that make you feel good. Avoid feelings of lack and loss. If necessary, talk to your boyfriend, but don’t fight. Talk, treat yourself with love, don’t betray yourself.

  • You are the only one responsible for what happens to you, no matter what your partner does

The main reason why a man plays with a woman is her insecurity. You can’t control what he does, only what you do.

If he always finds you available, if you give him everything easy, he won’t fight for anything. Why pay with appreciation and responsibility for what you are given for free and easy?

Therefore, the best way to act when a man plays with you is to strengthen your personality. Take charge of your life and your happiness.

Your boyfriend doesn’t have to do the perfect things for you to be happy. He can have his own problems and not meet your expectations.

No one can make you as happy as you can make yourself. Suffering or being happy is your choice and is a habit. You can only give what you have.

If you suffer, you are giving weakness, lack of inner strength. Be grateful for this problem that allows you to see what you have inside you. Now work on your self-improvement.

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