10 care for dry skin

What is your skin type? Normal on the face but dry in some parts of the body or vice versa? Dry skin always brings discomfort, especially during the cold or hot months of the year. It needs daily care, not just when it starts to crack, irritate and itch. Today we share with you 10 easy tricks for nourished skin and less dryness.

Use fragrance-free cleansers.
Scented cleansers contain strong chemicals (unless the scent is due to skin-beneficial ingredients) that can irritate skin. Therefore, use a mild, fragrance-free cleanser.

Apply coconut oil.
The fatty acids in coconut oil help to hydrate and retain moisture in the skin. They also smooth and soften the skin, quickly repairing it and reducing irritation.

Nourish your skin with aloe vera gel.
Aloe vera soothes the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe gel is great for face masks, making homemade face and body scrubs. You can also pamper your skin with cosmetics that are enriched with aloe vera.

A mask with avocado.
A great care for dry facial skin. Avocado is rich in vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant and one of the best moisturizers for dry skin. There are many variations of avocado face masks. Puree ½ or ¼ avocado and add yogurt or coconut milk to it, maybe a little honey, olive oil. Face masks are always applied to clean, dry skin. After 15-20 minutes rinse off and apply a suitable face cream if necessary.

Serums with hyaluronic acid.
In pharmacy chains and specialist cosmetics stores we can find a variety of facial serums that contribute to making our skin younger and more beautiful for longer. Of course, it is always important to consult a specialist who can guide you on exactly which one to choose, whether you also need a serum that not only nourishes dry skin, but also treats spots, wrinkles, puffiness, etc. Do we want to have other key ingredients like certain vitamins and others.

Exfoliate regularly.
No matter if our face and body skin is normal, combination to oily, dry, regular exfoliation is an important part of skin care. There are a variety of peels enriched with vitamins, oils, we can even make our own at home. With gentle massage movements, these products eliminate dead skin cells, unclog pores, improve skin complexion, improve absorption of cosmetics.

Ensure you get enough vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids.
These are great skin nutrients that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They are thought to help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, but they also nourish the skin from the inside out. We can get them by eating avocados, nuts, pumpkin, fish and seafood, vegetables, non-fat meats and more. They are also found in the form of supplements, but it is important to consult a specialist before intake.

Fruits and vegetables are among the best foods for dry skin.
They provide us with many vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, E, zinc, folate and biotin. All these natural nutrients help our skin stay hydrated, fresh, slow down the aging process.

Cosmetics with goat milk.
Goat milk is a great care for dry and mature skin. It helps to nourish the skin, strengthen it. Tightens and moisturizes in depth.

Cosmetics with glycerin and urea.
These are some of the best ingredients in face and body cosmetics that help restore moisture to the skin. They reduce flaking, redness, cracking.